Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Big Brother Ryuu

My facebook american friend is now in Japan. I was supposed to meet with him but I promised Ryuu that we will go to ikebukuro for the plane ticket and go to Asakusa after.

Butt.... again, Ryuu couldn't wake up and it was too late to contact Joey. I was very hungry and I was a bit annoyed that he cant wake up fast enough. Lee said that she is going to go to shinjuku to pay her rent then eat lunch and invited me to come along. I figured Ryuu wont wake up for another 2 hrs or so anyway so i decided to tag along. I woke him up a little just to tell him im going. The poor guy was so sleepy he was getting all wierd and saying what you dont trust me whats this about trust what about me you dont trust? =_=l he mistakend Shinjuku ni iki masu for shinjite imasu.

Lee and I went to pay the rent and ate sushi and talked over about Ryuu. She told me that I can do better and that he should treat me better than he does. At this point I suppose she was right.

We went to Harajuku to take a nice walk around and to eat some crepes. She saw a guy with blonde hair and a cute hat and pointed him out. I looked at him and then went humm.... huh??? and then went up to him and i was right its JOEY! HAHA Khea always said i had a knack for finding people randomly. XD

We hanged with them for awhile and I gave them a little bit of a tour of shibuya with Lee. Lee decided to head back first I think she had something to do. I took them to 109-2 to look around they had some fun. At the Kingdom store which sold Murder License brand there was a really cute store clerk. At this point I was a bit mad at Ryuu so I talked to him. I had no problem talking to the clerk. In fact we had an entire convo for 5mins without much difficulty. I figured its Ryuu's accent that was throwign me off as well as its easy for native speakers to pick out what you mean if you were just a bit off but Ryuu isnt completely Japanese.

After that I bought them back to my place to meet Ryuu. They then needed to go back to pick up thier IDs and we were to meet again at the house later. They got Ryuu's contact off they went. Ryuu didnt eat dinner yet and Lee was hungry so we went out for Okonomiyaki. Although I wasn't too hungry. Again more and more complaining from the two of us and keep passing our comments through Lee. Poor lee had to translate she thought we were like a baka couple LOL. We werent really fighting though. He said that maybe it would be good if we separted. But I didnt want that. I still liked him. He didnt really mean it that much though and we ended off on a better note after learning more about eachother through Lee's translation. Thank you soo much for that Lee ^_^

Afterwards he went to Shimbashi to change his clothes and we agreed to meet back at our house. After a little while we met back at our place all ready to go to the club. However they couldnt get in and we were wondering what to do. Maybe go to Roppongi but Lee didnt want to go to Roppongi. So maybe Karaoke? but the Karaoke didnt work out so we all decided just to drink at my place. Joey and Ryuu had no problem talking to eachother because they spoke chinese. we took some long walk around shibuya before going to donki hotei. I was seeing a different side of Ryuu. He was soo sweet and taking care of my american friends like a big brother. Showing them around and talking about random things. Joey said he had an interest of the host proffession and talked with Ryuu about that. He seemd to look up to Ryuu.

We bought the liquor and some food and drank and chatted for a long while. It was a very fun night and Ryuu and I were happy again with eachother. ^_^

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  1. So how much japanese do you know?~ It sounds like you know quite a bit but idk xD maybe I am guessing wrong?