Thursday, April 9, 2009


We woke up on time today but I wasn't feeling too good about Ryuu. Last night I saw a scary side of Ryuu and I didn't feel so great about bringing him to Canada with me like that. I was seriously contemplating if we should just call it quits.

I asked him if it is possible to cancel the reservation and still have a refund. He got angry and said of course not you're such a child. I just wanted to ask... Lee walked with us to the station while he complained about me all the way there. Lee also knew about my side and explained to him that my entire life changes if I stay with him etc etc and that he should just let me decide whether or not he comes with me.

We got to the station and he asked me where i wanted to go. I said Asakusa because i needed to buy my mom a gift. The ride to Asakusa is kind of long and I felt really overwhelmed with emoition. For the first 1/3rd of the train we both just sat there silently. I was trying not to cry. by half way i started to cry. By 3/4 of the way he said oi~ OI~ and kept trying to get me to look at him. It made me cry more. He said do you really like me? and i said yes. He then said then why are you crying? youre such a child come here. and he took me in close.

We arrived in Asakusa and it was soo beautiful I was feeling a little better again. Maybe I was just being too negative. I just needed to sort my feelings out a bit and decided that yea he may as well come with me and see it from there. Not think about too much in the long run just if i like him enough to continue to take a look.

We looked around Asakusa and had lots of fun looking. The weather was perfect and i bought all the gifts I needed. We then went to Karaoke and had lots of fun there as well. After that he said he will go back home to shimbashi and for me to call him tommorrow but he ended up going to shibuya with me and we parted from there. Maybe it will be good to have a little time away from eachother.

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