Thursday, April 16, 2009

2 Jetlaged Gals

Today I met up with viki at the Bay so I can set up my appointment with kevin james day for photo viewing. We then went to starbucks and chatted over coffee about our adventures in Japan/China. Then we went to robson and looked at various things.

We got hungry so we went to a ramen shop on denmand. It was ok, but i think im kinda spoiled by Japan's ramen XD... We then headed towards her workplace to see if her check is ready. It was kinda a long walk. Meanwhile I couldn't stop thinking about Ryuu...

After that we decided to take purikura in richmound. Theres this new machine. Its alot like the ones I took in japan but the quality is just a little bit less. However the stamps are the same. [but it was soo fucking expensive... >.< i miss the 400yen price]

Yay it was 800pm and we managed to stay awake.. though i really wanted to sleep. We headed to the bus stop and both our buses arrived! We had to run for it. I caught mine but viki missed hers =/

I'm not really used to the long bus rides.. i totally forgot about those... I wish i had my mp3 player with me. I forgot.. in Van, I kinda need my mp3 player again. The scenery/surroundings are so boring.

I got home around 9ish and now trying ot keep awake til im supposed to sleep so I can be ready for work properly.

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