Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Yosuke's Farewell Party

Fujiyo's last night in Vancouver was spent at work LOL. Just kidding.. sort of. His farewell party was at Shuraku where he used to work until recently at 8pm. Its funny but I think the last time i ate at Shuraku as a customer was at Khea's farewell party.

I came a bit earlier than everyone, so I sat down at the bar where another guy was waiting named Drew. Appearently we have met before through Yuiko at a bandshow. Masa came by to talk to Drew and I got to hear a bit of history about how long Masa has been working at Shuraku and how long Kitto has been around. About 10mins later Fujiyo showed up and I gave him a box of chocolates. Where I think Masa said What? You dont need to be so nice to him. or along the lines of that. It was a joke of course. After that, we got seated at our table.

The resturant wasn't very busy so it was flexible to how man people can be seated. I think in total about 20 people came. Fujiyo was very happy to see that there were at least 13 people from different countries. [other than Japan and Canada I'm guessing]. We all sat down for some excellent food in which I've always been curious to what the tasted like since I've been serving these dishes for the last 2months or so but never got to taste it.

Sea Fois Gras? [Ankimo] was soooooo smooth and melted in your mouth. The Godfather Roll wasnt as good as i thought it would be but it still tasted great nevertheless. And most of all the ramen.. OMG soooo good! Everytime I serve the ramen i was soo tempted to eat it. Now i finally got to try it. It is definatly as good as it looks >w<>.< I KNOW beer + tequila = throw up for me. But of course, one cannot avoid these drinks no matter how hard you try. After the tequila i was surprizingly alright. Hey maybe I'll be ok for once~ Nope... a hour or 2 later I had a headache and i threw up in the washroom. Yup.. beer + tequlia = no good.

But after I threw up I was perfectly fine and headed home. ^_^ Lucky I had a later shift the next day.

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  1. Aww... you two look so cute together. His hair looks better than before =P Mido said she saw you there?

    I've been to Shuuraku 3 times.. all 3 were going away parties lol =P But yea, I hate how you HAVE to drink tequila esp. It makes me throw up alone... but no.. it's always forced at you. (i spill mine into empty glasses keke)