Tuesday, March 31, 2009

With Ryuu

Ryuu and I slept most of the day away. We got to know lots about eachother despite the language difficulties. He's half Chinese and half Japanese. His mom has her own company, and he is not working at the moment because he have money from his mom and from is pervious job- which was a host. [ a pretty good one at that, rank #3 in one of the top clubs] He is 19years old. [but born same year as me, star sign gemini]

There's alot more random info but its too much to say. We first went to Shimbashi for him to pick up some of his things and do his hair. We then went to Harajuku and looked around. He found a new pair of pants for only 2900yen! We then decided to go back to Shibuya but just to walk back instead. He bought 2 chocolate crepes for us to eat. He says he loves me and to go out with him as a boyfriend and girlfriend and to marry him.

But I was starting to doubt his sincerity because he pretty much hit on every cute girl he saw even with me. Like saying things like Hey~ Pretty girl! stuff like that. Was I getting jealous? Yea, I think I was. Haha

We got to 109 and looked around then when the stores closed and headed to Ikebukuro. In Ikebukuro we met up with his friends and ate at a Chinese resturant. Almost everyone there was actually Chinese it as intersting. After that Ryuu and I went back to Shibuya got back home and I changed and we both went to Atom.

He was serious about marriage. He loves me so much. He was telling me that he finds Japanese very intresting/funny so he says things like youre pretty, go out with me!, marry me! to every intersting looking girl just as a joke. He has no intrest in them. He said that unlike them, he's serious about me. He likes gaijin. Not specifically white people but a person from a different country who can speak english. Possibly he ment that he wanted someone who wasnt raised in Japan. He said Lets get married tommorrow! [he was serious and said this many times everytime i was like more time please]

I was feelng soo wowed by this.. This is like a movie... like a dream. It kind of goes like this. I've always dreamed of marrying a guy in japan who is handsome, who was an ex host and had money who loves me. Being that they are handsome and have money and stuff, it was sorta like in my dream that there would be a certain quality that makes me set apart from all others and that they can be with any girl or flatter any girl but that the true one they love is me. Or maybe just hopping to get scouted for something like modeling here while im here or something to keep me here. Fantasy right? But it came true! 0_0 Im still in shock.This is very wow...

This is exactly like my dream came to me unexpectedly. Shall I take it? Tommorrow Ryuu and I will look into things to see what is the best way for us.


  1. Marry him and you are oficially the stupidest person I know.

  2. aww, haha~
    I would get jealous too.. because I get jealous easily :x

  3. That sounds like so much fun! I would've been skeptical with marrying him though. But it's good to hear that there are some japanese guys who like gaijin and not just for their looks but their lifestyle kinda thing.