Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Weekday Weekend

Like living through the stages of my life again in one day.

Well not completely more like living through it without the down parts. haha I went out with my mom yesturday. It was quite fun although we had a bit of an arguement in the morning on how i cant seem to wake up early enough lol. but who can blame me i walked soo much on monday my legs were like limp. hahaa

So when we finally got out of the house we decided to go the aquarium. I havent been there since i was a little kid [science feild trips dont count] I used to go every weekend when i was young because we had a family membership... and being the type of kid i was if i liked something i do it over and over and over and over again. [eg watching peterpan like EVERYDAY for a long time] They did some renovations and it was soo fun to go from tank to tank. The new renovations are great~ the jellyfish section is soo pretty~ Although i knew they were already gone, i still missed the killer whales. T__T but watching the dolphin show was quite nostalgic. unfortunately it was actually canceled but the dolphins still put on a show for us. too bad no fish T_T

I think they got a new seaotter i havent seen before, i knew there were always 2 and no matter how old they are theyre still soo playful~! but i saw a new one too~ omg i felt like i was 8yrs old again lol.

Afterwards we went to paramount to watch Harry Potter 5. It was a good movie hahaha and WOW i actally watched a movie when it didnt like fade away yet hahaha. -_-ll damn work makes things hard. now this feels kinda like more around gr10ish when i used to watch a lot of movies in theaters.

After that we ate dinner at Guu. which brings us to my most recent life of around humm less than a week ago LOL~~ she really likes the food and atmosphere there :3

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