Saturday, February 28, 2009

Sweet Blue Baby Lolita Birthday Party

Today was Anna's Lolita Birthday Party at Adonia Tea House. I thought I gave myself enough time to get ready but apparently not and was 40mins late. Everyone was soooo cute. I was really happy to be in lolita again. Its been quite awhile. As something special Kiyu was wearing a blonde wig and Cat's white lolita dress. It was soo adorable >w<. I wore my Baby The Star's Shine Bright Jumper. I couldn't eat the sweets because of my detox but I drank some tea and took alot of photos. After the Tea House, we all piled into cars and went to Metrotown for Sticker Photos. When I looked for my wallet for some change I noticed it was missing 0_0!!!!! It has my ID and credit cards in it !!! 0_0... But perhaps it was in Kiyu's car? Anyway I had enough change from tips so we took alot of sets >w<~ By this time everyone was hungery for dinner. It was 8:00pm

We decided to go to Naam's Resturant on W. 4th. I was in Kiyu's car along with Mariko and we got lost LOL and then FINALLY we decided to use the GPS. haha. We finally got there around 9:00ish. I phoned Yanlong about tonight's clubbing plans. Basically I have to go home and get changed and grab my passport for ID. Yanlong came with his BMW to pick me up while others decided on a change of plans to go to Guu on thurlow with Larme.

Yanlong tried to get me a ticket but it was sold out. So he said that he would drive me home. Now wait, why go home right? I can still make it to Guu. So He drove me to Guu and I met up with everyone again.

We all squished to one table and brought out a b-day cake for Shu, Hate, Lemon and Anna. SO many b-days ne? We sang happy b-day and ordered some food but not much. Tonight was more about the beer than the food haha. It was pitcher after pitcher. Too bad I was not able to drink but it was fun nevertheless. Emily is super strong at drinking and kept going. Poor Mariko didn't want anymore but Tomo kept topping up her glass. Hate was finished quite early and broke his ring by hitting the table too much...

Also, one of my schoolmates came and I got ot say hi to him. He asked what was the occasion. I said it was a b-day party for... [points at 4 ppl] haha

Afterwards, we went outside and figured out the car-pooling situ. Anna drove Emily, Tomo and I home. I got home around 2am. I was so glad i didnt go clubbing ^_^

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