Tuesday, March 31, 2009

A Special Nampa

The day started off very slow. I just got my period and I was having major cramps and I forgot to bring pain killers with me. But eventualy they stopped and I got out of the house by around 700-730. I went to 109 to look for a wallet but could not find any that I liked. Wallets in Japan are super huge. 109 closed at around 8 so I didn't really have much time to look around anyway.

The next part was just alot of looking around Shibuya and taking photos for my manga. I passed by Donki Hotei and went inside to see if I needed more stuff for my laptop. Instead I found 100% real human hair extensions IN MY COLOR! So of course I bought them. I went back home and put them on. Then went back out and went into HMV to buy Vidoll's new CD. I got a free poster with it and also a flyer that said something about a special event! I think I shall go~ Its on april 10th.

I was hopping maybe to be nampaed by a cute guy and go do something but nothing really came around I was getting a bit tierd and cold from walking when i passed by AMPM on my way home. A guy says "hisashiburi~" I was like what?? Have i met this guy before and he motioned me to come. Of course I was just being stupid he didnt know me he was totally nampaing me. XD

He was very cute and we hanged out all night and he missed the last train so he stayed at my house


  1. Your hair is really as long as it is in the picture?
    Ahh~ Vidoll<3
    I saw their new PV :] Its been a while since I heard some of their music~

  2. Yea thats what it looks like with the extensions. The new cd is so-so but I got a free poster with it.

  3. That was a good way to get a girl's attention lol. I would've done the same thing. Glaf you had fun :]