Saturday, March 21, 2009


Today I just went shopping because i ran out of things to wear ahaha. I was really hungry and wanted to eat Ramen but I couldnt find the place that we went to before.... So i went to Shibuya Center to look for a ramen shop but i just gave up and went for pizza. I went to Harajuku first and bought shoes, some things from daiso and a lizlisa dress. I walked around and saw some hosts haha you can spot them a mile away they look like gangsters in a way since they all wear suits and have this scary aura.

I went to closet child for a lolita dress but none of them really intersted me other than an angelic pretty one... but I wasn't in the mood to spend 26100yen... I decided to head back to Shibuya by walk. I went through Yoyogi park and got a bit lost but I eventually found my way.

I came home around 4ish to check my mail I was supposed to meet with Moonik today but Toru couldnt make it so it was cancelled. I made my way to 109 to buy more clothes. I bought 2 things from tralalala, and a dress fromgolds infinity. The store clerks are super agressive....

I made my way home to check up on Lee. But shes tierd from yesturday so we just ended up just staying here on computer...


  1. I would love to go shopping~ *loves to go shopping all the time*

    This actually reminds me!
    Remember the belt that I told you about?
    Well I went to the mall last monday and looked for it and found it! (I had forgotten which store I saw it in, but I didnt search much since I had a general idea)
    So yeah, I am really happy I got it and hope to wear it soon x3

  2. awwzz thats really good to hear ^__^