Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Ryuu's Family + Atom Collapse

Today, Ryuu slept in sooo much that he didnt wake up til around 6pm =_=l. We went to shimbashi to a Japanese resturant near his mom's place. He told me to wait there while he goes gets some stuff from his house. It took awhile and then he showed up with his mom XD lol.

She was very kind. She reminded me a bit of my own mom. We sat down to some Sashimi Salad, hot pot, uni sashimi, salmon sashimi, chili prawns, some sort of fried fish, and karrage. I found out today that Ryuu's favorite is Uni. They drank some sake and beer. Ryuu drank that and some coke [his favorite drink] and I drank just coke and water and one sip of Ryuu's beer. I wasn't sure what we are doing after so I didn't want to drink beer.

A little later his older sister came. I was kind of scared of her at first because she wouldn't talk to me. Ryuu kept nudging me to say hi but she always seemed to be in a middle of a sentance so I didn't want to bother her. Eventually I did manage to say konnichwa. But that was about it. It made me kinda nervous but Ryuu's mom was super kind and made me feel at home.

At around 11-12ish we head to the station and Ryuu's family followed. On our way I asked him about his family and he said that he has 1 older sister and 1 younger brother. The younger brother is with his father in Nigata.

We arrived in Shibuya station and it was super cold and raining. His sister really wanted to go to Atom so we did. We get one free drink with entrance so I drank Lycee Grapfruit. There wasn't too many people but we still danced anyway. Ryuu's sister and I danced this is when i got to know her name [Ai] and she started to talk to me a bit shes actually quite funny. Ryuu's mom also danced a bit. Ryuu mostly sat and watched. Eventually he joined in too a bit. He did a bit of popping but then got shy and stoped.

At around 2ish, the dj annouced some dance groups and they put on a great show. About 3 groups came out and all very good. The bass of the music was very heavy. I can feeling through my upper stomach/chest.

At first my head was just tiny bit dizzy and my vision was going a bit but i thought that my eyes were just dry and that my contact lenses were shiftng like they usaully do late at night. But soon after my vision blacked-out and I lost my balance and fell down. I gained conciousness again and tried to get up and then fell down again.. I wasnt sure what happend next but Ryuu picked me up and brought me downstairs near the exit so I can get some fresh air.

Ryuu's mom was really concerned. I was very confused. I didn't know what happend. I'm usaully not too bad at drinking esp one drink shouldn't do that to me. Ryuu said that he will take me home and walked me out but i couldn't keep balance so he carried me on his back back home and sat me down on my bed. He hugged me for awhile and kept asking if I was ok and everything. I was really happy that he was there. I was kind of scared, I never blacked out before.

He went to the konbinya and got me some water. After awhile i was fine and we fell asleep.


  1. Did you eat much that day?

    I remember I blacked out and almost passed out once because I hadn't eaten all day.

  2. I ate quite a bit. 0_0 I was like super full

  3. Sounds like you were drugged. I've been with you drunk maaaaany times. You can handle a drink, think about it. Me and Megan are really concerned about you.

    Playing girls is a hosts job. They are professionals wether you want to believe it or not. Tetsu totally thinks you're being played. Only saying this cuz you know I'm a blunt person and I care about you.


  4. Thankyou for your concern Khea. Your bluntness is part of what I love about you. I've been thinking about what could have possibly resulted my black-out. I just realized that even though i ate a normal sized dinner. I haven't been eating lunch for the last few days [slept through it] and walking alot. I lost about 3kg in about 2 weeks. So maybe my body was just fatigued because last night a felt a tiny bit light-headed and all i drank was cola. LOL This has happened before when i was 16 where i didnt have time to eat lunch before going to band practice.

  5. Glad you are okay, that must have been scary :/