Sunday, March 15, 2009

Reunion Day

On my first full day in Japan, I met with Khea, Tetsu and Hiroyuki. My first half of the day was spent with Khea. We met up at Shibuya station and headed towards Yoyogi Park. It was such a beautiful day. On our way to the park we couldn't stop smiling and talking. We passed by a purikura place and took some purikura.

We arrived at the park and there were many foreigners for some reason. Lol. We sat down to some strawberries, chocolate strawberries, and chicken... what do you call those... tor---something. XD it was goood but as expected with khea's food. I LOVE khea's cooking.

We sat and enjoyed the sun while catching up and watching some group of people doing some dance routine. Later we were joined by Tetsu. We sat by the pound with a water fountain. We didnt get wet before but when Tetsu came we got the occasional spray XD haha its his fault ne? jkjk

After awhile we decided to go get a phone battery charger around harajuku then we went to that famous street in harajuku with all the jrock stuff etc. I was really happy to go to the Liz Lisa store and Tralala. ^_^ There were sooo many cute things there. I wanted to buy it ALL. XD Its soo different in Japan. Everything I want is soo easy to find.

Tetsu had to go off to meet a client. Khea and I continued to walk around until we realized that Tetsu left his phone with us 0_0!! We went looking for him but we couldn't find him. Instead we were hit on by a foriegn nampa. -_-l
We didnt know what to do so we waited around for a bit to see if Tetsu would come back. After we waited for a bit, Khea decided to go meet him at home and I went back home as well to mail Hiro since he wasnt picking up his phone.

I came home and mailed him while fixing my hair. We decided to meet around his area. I went to Kamata station and he picked me up in his black celica. I got confused with the seating. I totally forgot that Japanese cars have the steering wheel on the opposite side.

He drove us to his house and we huged for quite a long time. Then we sat and talked for awhile catching up on things. I got to learn more about what he does for work. I remember that he said he creates services? Basically, he's a progamer and creates services for Rakuten. Has something to do with finainces. I'm not completely clear but still a bit more clear now. He told me he went surfing earlier today.

After awhile I was super hungry so we went to Dennys. Dennys in Japan is SOOOOOOO different!!! It felt more like a western/japanese place. The food was reallllly good. I coudn't read any of it though so i picked by pictures. Hiro had a mentaiko ika spagetti and i had a ham and cheese? spagetti.

We kept starring at eachother though it made me very nervous. LOL

After dinner, he drove me back to the station and kept his hand on my head. He likes to play with my hair although with the hairspray i don't know how fun that'd be haha. I found my way back home with no problem. Maybe Im getting the hang of this ahaha. Shibuya i can kinda navigate right now.

On my way back home I got asked by a few(different) guys to work for a hostess club and hit on by a couple nampas. I told them im not japanese and walked away for most of it. Though one was cute, but he just stepped back really quick and said sorry after he found out.


  1. Haha I'm glad you had fun with me! We'll have to meet up again really soon. =) Real my lj to find out what happened with Hiko XD And take the 2 puri pics if you want.

    Ohh... after all that talk about Denny's lol! Yea, it's better here! But they still have pancakes, and that's all I care about. I'm glad you had fun with Hiro! Woooooohoooo...... He musta been so excited to see you eh?

  2. yay~ I finally manged to make an account on here~ (only because I am bored and have nothing else to do though)
    So now I will leave my comments! haha~ (this will be fun~)

    Ive wondered what the Denny's over there was like. Though I havent even been to one over here! lol~
    Who knows how many times I would make the mistake of seating arrangements with japanese cars, haha~