Monday, May 14, 2007

Racing Through 4 weeks of my life

o much has happened i don't even know where to begin. Sadly i probally forget alot of it.

I think ill just go chronologically according from my planner.

From the April 16th-22nd

16- After school AP exam filling out sheets in preparation for the exam

17th- my last day at Rocky Mountain chocolate factory and the interview in which i got a new job at Tsunami. I was allowed to leave on that day instead of the 2 weeks notice.

18th- Afterschool fashion show and first day of work at Tsunami. I was nearly late cuz of the stupid rehersal...

19th- Meet up with mom to meet accountant, but skytrain was held up. also she wanted to meet me at 3:30 and i was off early that day so i took the skytrain to sleep on it til it was my time to go. i decided to take the other way and loop around which took a lot longer than expected. -_-ll so i was late and yelled at and the same old "you could have.." stuff

20th-22nd worked

April 23rd-29th

23rd- Dance recital, i was reall nervous and i didnt tell anyone but mom about this, cuz i dont want ppl to watch me make a fool of myself lol, we had to sit through all the proformances the little kids were adorable one of them looked like a chibi version of cham LOL!~~

25th- wished kai a happy b-day and another rehearsal for fashion show

26th- taste of asia performance, got to see my friends Peng and John perform for the first time, it was not bad~ cuz of the pooring rain, my hair was ruined and the stupid women pushed us all out til the acutal time even after we got our tickets T__Tll i hate rain SO MUCH. XD but i got to hang out and get to know Peng's gf, shes acutally quite kind when you get to know her.

27th-went to costco to pick up prints for art ap

28- Read April 29th Entry [dental appnt., missed meet up and changed plans and last meeting with khea before she goes to japan]

29th- forgot i had work, but had to finish last piece for art ap

April 31st-may 6th

31st hanged with justin again cuz i was bored and i got to meet loretta that i already knew from jakie LOL small world we hanged in crystal n stuff and then i went home.

2nd-fashion show and art show at the same time. after school i set up the art show, then went home quickly ate dinner and headed to the shows at 6. stepdad worked on conciel stuff and didnt come -_-ll but thats alright i didnt care if he came or not. what was really great was both my parents were there. and my dad was really proud of me. that made me really happy. his smile of approvement is one of the most cherish able things. i took some photos and such :3 it was a very special day for me. also i saw elle there LOL it was surprising to see her on in teh audience cuz again i didnt tell anyone LOL im a bit shy.

3rd-6th i worked

ALSO on the 5th bought grad assessories and bought fabric
ALSO on the 6th got my grad dress and my purse dad had 2 new young boys as his students i really got to see a softer side to him. He was teaching them that whatever he teaches is thiers only if they can remember it. unless they remember, its still his, like if he swiped money in thier face have its yours unless they take it its not thiers. it was quite cute

May 7th-13th I will save for later to write about because my time is up LOL

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