Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Party on E Broadway

A guy from facebook invited me to a party i was reluctant to go because i dont know him and yea.. but I went with hideki and his little sis sae. Hideki came early and yea we went to pick up sae after chilling a bit at my house. the party was very good lots of drinks. and note: First time i drank a beer then heavy and was ok =D

We played with shots at rounds of big 2 first with vodka and then with 151. 151 burns like crazy >.<>.<

Kevin was really really really beyond drunk and he tried to drive and we were 0_oll NO. good thing he couldnt find his keys XD so we drove sae home and got lost on our way back hahaha it was very funny. Hideki sucks at directions but at least im not so bad so i finally helped him find our way back [N delta back to E broadway]

When we came back kevin was in a bad condition. He had alcohol poisoning 0_o since we were the only sober ones we had to take him to the hospital. we droped him a couple times ^^;; dead weight is harsh. Then we returned to the party. Everyone was drunk but hideki and myself and yea.. after seeing kevin we dont want to drink anymore. so i got to see everyone speak thier minds bwuahhahaa and did they ever have interesting things to say.

So it goes that one guy logged [ken] onto another's [jas] facebook account looking through people in his school network, thought i was hot so added me. I added him back because i met a whole shit load of ppl and i dont remember everyone i met XD. Then a bunch of friends of his added me. One on a dare [kel] and another randomly [kev]. Since they heard i was going to the party kel, ken and one other came esp to meet me in person.

I got home around 3:30 first time mom let me go out wihtout limits

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