Sunday, March 29, 2009

Odaiba with Yuuki

Here comes a story. Back in Vancouver maybe about 2 years ago I met a cute guy on the skytrain platform just long enough to get his name, age, how long he's staying in canada [3weeks] and his msn. He never went on....

Until about a year later he started to frequent msn and we actually remembered eachother from that. Who would have thought right???

So now, 2years later we meet again in Japan. Its funny how this is really the first time we hanged out ever. We met at Hachiko around 230pm. He took me to his favorite Japanese resturant in Shibuya and we ate Oyako-don. It was sooooo tasty~~~!!! When deciding where to go he asked would i like to go see traditinal places or modern or things like akihbara. And I said originally that i wanted to go to Ginza, Asakusa, and Odaiba. He told me that Odaiba isnt that interesting but it was ok. I told him the reason why i wanted to go is because Digimon is set there and theres also a beautiful fountain i wanted to see. He was like OOOOO digimon!~~ i love digimon~~ So because of digimon we decided on Odaiba.

The ride to Odaiba is kind of long but very beautiful. We took JR to shinbashi and then transfered on to the monorail? or well something simular to a skytrain. There were soo many HUGE and i mean HUGE buildings. They were just massive and beautiful.

When we got to Odaiba it was so beautiful. I took some pictures of the big tv broadcasting building. The same one that moyotisemon? and the digidestined duked it out. It was cool to be able to see it in real life. I also saw the ferris wheel. When we got inside the mall, I was so amazed it felt like I went from tokyo to italy in 1 second. The mall was gorgeous! We took some photos by the fountain and looked around. There was a special showcase of old fashioned cars [that were all new of course] and we took some photos of that. Thats when i felt like i traveld to america AND back in time. LOL

We passed by a dress shop and I went to look inside. I totally fell in love with this one dress. I think I will wear this one to the wedding instead. I actually wanted a dress like this in the first place but in Marui it was around 40000yen but here it was half price. It was good

As a bonus we got a pass to sit in some sort of VIP lounge. The decorations were soo royal. It was soo nice. As we drank some juice and tea I kind of teaching him how to look better in photographs. Since he looks veyr good in real life but his photos definatly dont look as good as he does in real life..

At around 5ish we started to head back to Shibuya. It was night time already and we got to see the ferris wheel all lit up and everything. When we arrived back in Shibuya we took some purikura and then he walked me home. I showed him what the guest house looks like and introduced him to Lee and Jessie.

We sat and chatted for awhile. He was supposed to go around 6ish but I ended up keeping until around 830 haha sorry~

I had a lot of fun ^_^

As an addition, Lee and I went clubbing at Atom after because i saw on the flier that Ayumu [men's egg magazine model] is a guest DJ. We had super tons of fun and met 2 very very very bad boys. They were super hot but they were only after sex. That was clear. But don't worry it wasnt dangerous. But it was sort of funny. There were 2 of them and 2 of us. My partner was super cute but totally stupid LOL. Well we spotted them pretty much as soon as we got in. Haru wouldn't let me wander actually. [I really wanted to talk to Ayumu T__Tl btw, he's really alot shorter in real life 0_0]After we started talking he held my hand the entire night and danced with me soo closely I found it akward to dance.

At the end of the night we decided not to let them take us to a hotel. LOL But as a goodbye, my guy actually kissed Lee on the cheek and the other one just smacked him on his face really lightly like " are you stupid?! we might not get either of them if you do that"

Yea that was very interesting. We were thinking of seeing them next week but I dont think I will-> The next entry will explain ^_^


  1. wow~ That sounds like so much fun *__* All I got to do today was spend time outside and I got hurt in the process D:
    Very pretty picture!!! :]

  2. Lol oh wow, I love the comment the guy said when the other guy kissed your friend Lee on the cheek lol. It's so cool that you like Digimon too :D Ahh so awesome~ But sounds like you had fun overall, even if it was awkward sometimes lol.