Saturday, March 14, 2009

Lost in Tokyo

Before we start, I only had 2 hours of sleep before my flight because i had to pack last minute. Anyway, I almost missed my flight because the security lady took soo long examining my dolls. But I still made it on time ^_^

The flight was long so i watched a couple movies [twilight and ikigami]. When I finally arrived in Tokyo, I was kinda lost on how to get to the trains. When I finally found the trains, I wasnt sure where to go exactly. Luckly I ran into some Americans who helped me out.

We all rode the train together under the guidance of one of them that has been teaching in Japan for a few years now. We got a little lost and a little confused with the train-lines but eventually we found our ways. So, easy enough just follow the map, West Gate of Shinjuku and then go up in Epson direction... No.. it wasnt....

I got lost in Shinjuku station and couldnt figure out how to exit. Evetually I talked to a guy named Daigo who helped me find my way out of shinjuku. The guy was very kind to me and helped me carry my lugguage and even started to walk me to my destination.

Problem was he was from Hokkaido and didnt really know where he was going either so we ended up being lost but at least he can speak ful japanese so eventually we found our way after alot of backtracking... like 1hr at least of walking around

I arrived at Shinjuku office at around 9ish and completed my papers. I took a taxi to my place because i dotn want to be lost again. But the Taxi driver got lost!! oh wellz he only charged me 1000yen because he couldnt find it and i found it instead

I met alot of my roomates and they are all very kind. We then headed to th night club but I'm still 19 and thier legal age is 20. Appearently they check nowadays. So two stayed a the club and me and the german guy went to a bar. We drank a couple bears then I headed with some of his friends to a Club called Womb which is 2 doors away from my place

I faked my ID and got in. There were SOOOOOOO many good looking guys and i had lots of fun dancing. I met some new friends; Ken, Toru, and Moonik. All quite handsome or at least stylish

So ends my very adventurous fun day ^_^

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  1. Hey had a good time chatting with you on the plane. Hope you can find some new clothes for your dolls (I just can't say that with a straight face). Good luck in Tokyo!