Friday, June 29, 2007

Lick it Again

ow~ i havent had a good weekend for awhile~ especially after a really dull rainy sad thursday, it was soo refreshing to feel like my life hasnt died. :3

It started out me waking at around 1pm. I wasnt sure what i was going to wear so i used some new white shoe polish to make my really high platform sandles white again. then i went off to decide what to wear. by the time eveyrthing was done, it was getting really late and i barely got the house chores done on time ~

So i went to Tsunami first to pick up a co-worker and So and Saeko went to Lick it Again together, which there i met a whole bunch of friends. The show was great~ I liked it all :3 cept Moove played WAAAAAY to many Larku songs for my liking >.<

but other than that it was great. after the show, i went with takumi, yuiko and friends to downtown to eat something~ we had 2 pitchers of beer and really good food~

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