Wednesday, March 18, 2009

In and out of my house

Last night i fell alseep around 1000 just for a nap but ended up waking up at 530am.. SHOOT i missed my roomate's b-day party =/ I then woke up again around 900 and arranged to meet with Khea at her house. She then went back to sleep and I got ready while talking to Moonik [one of the guys i met at the club the first night]

I finally got ready after 3hrs because i was talking on msn all the way through getting ready. I arrived at yoga around 1230 and we went to khea's house after the supermarket. It was soo cute and tidy =3

We basically just sat there and talked for awhile while i ate lunch then took a long walk to the "nearest" starbucks. It was such a beautiful day but windy. We both sat down to a couple straberry frapps and looked at some magazines.

When we got back to Khea's house, a little while later Tetsu and his brother Tomo? came in for a little bit of work. More chatting hahaha. We ended up chatting til around 930pm.

I left for home around that time and made my way from shibuya station. That was when I saw this cute guy. I looked at him but im not a gyaku nampa so I just continued on. A few seconds later he was walking up beside me and started to talk to me.

He was really sweet. His name is Ryoma, 19years old. We talked randomly about a few things on how he wants to learn english etc. But he had plans to meet his friends and doesnt have phone mail or internet for some reason so we decided to meet agan on thursday same place at 900pm.

We then parted and then I made my way home again. On my way I got talked to every step of the way by 3 more nampas. LOL I finally got home. Then my roomates said LETS GO EAT! SO i went to a ramen shop and I ate some very good gyozas XD

We returned home once again and I was about to just chill on my computer when Lee came knocking on my door to go out again. LOL sure why not. We walked around shibuya station and a couple scouts for axxcis night club came up to us and managed to get us in for free with free drinks. We ran into a couple of Lee's friends there one of which is a sushi chef. We stayed there for awhile and then decided to go.

When we walked outside we met another 2 guys named Yoshi and... Ryu? they took us to karaoke and we sang til around 6am in the morning. XD

As a side note appearently I'm not to weak at drinking lol.

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  1. Thats too bad you missed the bday party :/
    I hate it when I over sleep and I like miss a new episode of my favourite show or something like that xD ;;

    Wow~ Your meeting and talking to a lot of new people~
    Now that I think about it, people are really talkative..or well thats what it seems like to me xD