Friday, March 20, 2009

Ikebukuro-Yagi the goldfish.

Today I was supposed to go to Harajuku with Lee but we woke up very late. Lee is part persian and it is Newyears for them. They have to make a small shrine that required a few thigns like an egg, vinegar, apple, money, incense, mirror, and a goldfish.

We went to Ikebukuro, Tokyo Hands to get a goldfish. On our way there we droped by the sanrio store. Everythign was super expensive. I only bought a couple things. Then we made our way to Tokyo Hands. On my way there I saw a guy with cool looking hair. He took a small glance at me but another guy approched me. He was much more handsome. The other guy had blonde hair but his face was =/ but the guy who actualy approuched me had brown hair and SUPER good looking. I was like OMG his face was my perfect ideal.
[edit: I later found his photo on the club website]
He is a Host. haha. He told us to come to a host club. Lee told him that we are not intersted but that my birthday is coming soon so maybe we will go visit on my birthday. I got his card. It was super shiny and silver. His name is Seiya from club S-Class. Super hot. I think I'll go there for my birthday =3

We had to get home quickly because we didnt want Yagi to die. [we named him Yagi after a certian someone lol] Lee set up her shrine and we prayed for persian newyears at 8:00pm. Lee then went with her Asuka promotion girls to party and I was supposed to go with Ryouji to club as well.. but i could not get in because of a lack of an ID.. =/ soon ne...?

I ended up sleeping very early.

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  1. Haha, wow, a real host! I would go if it was my birthday too! haha xD

    Sanrio is expensive anywhere you go :/
    Thats really cool that your friend is part persian x)