Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Hiro goodbye date

Hiro arrived and we went to chq and took purikura. Afterwards we walked around a bit. he wanted to see some asssorie store so i took him to mimosa. But we didnt actually get to go because i ran into... SAYA~ wtf. i thought he went oh and CINDY! haha goood good i have never taken puris with them so this was my chance! so we went to chq again. On our way i saw matt and his gf.i got to meet her and shake her hand shes just as beautiful in real as in photo. but before that cindy had to go washroom and so i went with her and talked. yea.. and she understood my situation n such. We ended off with hey did you know clover got the job in mexx~ today is her first day~. And cindy was like OOh really she got in~?!

and so we went and took purikura. While we were there we also met up wiht jessica and anderson, yet there is enough room for 6 ppl in a puribooth.. haha. afterwards we split even though i would have much liked ot celebrate saya b-day, today was my last day.

so we walked around for awhile. he bought me a mango pudding cake, and he bought himself a slice of cake as well. we sat and ate. we looked around somemore we visited clover. alot of peopel i know walked by they were all starring to see who i was with but thats not really new and then it was time for him to go home. i walked to skytrain. my mother phoned and told me i should turn back and buy a bus pass. but i was like no not now, i have something i need to do.

we went up the esculator, and we went into the skytrain. between metro and joyced we huged firmly. when the annocement came "next sation is joyce" we kissed. then huged and then i left and watched as the doors closed and i sed "sayonara.." i waved goodbye as tears started to form. but managed to still smile because he loves my smile. and i wanted this image to be perfect. because...

Goodbye.. Hiroyuki Tokunaga

[afterwards i listend to mushi by dir en grey as i bussed home, im clear now, i finished and this is the end. goodbye goodbye goodbye]

2009 update-> [kept in contact all this time going to meet again soon ^_^]

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