Saturday, March 7, 2009

Guu after Shuraku

Today I worked from 1030-300 and then 530-900 supposedly. I had a very good day. I'm a new waitress at Shuraku resturant and still training. I currently have 3 tables in my section for lunch and am quite happy. But today at my dinner shift, I also got to serve a couple tables. This was unexpected and I was quite surprised. Dinner is much different than lunch because dinner time you have your own float and you dont share the tips. Thus, being a hostess and not serving any tables = no tips for dinner. But today, one of the waitresses decided to take a break when we were full house! Not to mention our shift supervisor was too ill to work and got replaced by Kazu [another new server]. Thus our supervisor was the Chef, Masahiro.

So I had to take her tables and any new tables that came into her section within in the next 30mins while she is gone. Lucky for me one was a classmate of mine and her boyfriend and the other is an ex. co-worker and his girlfriend. I was a little slow in service [well i do have to do all the hostessing and it was full house as well as many people waiting and reservations its complex] but I got good tips for 2 tables. It was a total of a little under 20 dollars after pay-out to bartender, house, kitchen etc. I got around 7 dollars. Another server told me that thats very good for 2 tables.

After work, Kazu and I went to Guu and met up with some of the customers from lunch/dinner today. I Mayu, Ghram, Hiro, and Minami and some korean girls in which i could not remember thier names. They were really fun and the food was great. Mayu was soo sweet she thought I was super cute and couldn't stop saying it. I suppose maybe she was drunk but it was flattering nevertheless.

After Guu, Kazu walked me to the skytrain.

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