Thursday, March 19, 2009

FOOD day

Today was a relaxing day with my friends. Lee and I woke up and got ready to pick up Khea, sushi chef Ryouji and DJ Hiroki. After we meet we went to the grocery store and bought the ingredients as well as have some funny pictures next to the fish XD. Appearently Ryouji's boss is the invetor of the california roll and Hiroki will be releasing a CD in america soon XD cool eh?

We got home around 3ish and Ryouji started to cook while teaching Khea how to make a couple things so she can make it for Tetsu [aww]. First dish was the fish it was sooo soft and melts in your mouth.

It was super declicous. Then that was followed by soup basically it was fish broth made from teh bones and mushrooms etc. It was subtly sweet and had such a great flavor. I swear its like a really really really good resturant food right in my house.

He then taught Lee how to make nigiri sushi and that also tasted very good >w<~~. Meanwhile Dale [other roomate] was baking brownies for Andrew's birthday [another roomate].
Around 6ish Khea had to go home to make Tetsu some dinner. We took some purikura on our way home.

I made my way back home to fix up my hair and makeup before I go meet Ryoma. Lee went as well to meet her student. Ryoma never showed up as well Lee's student forgot. So about 30mins later I made my way to shibuya station just to see if hes there and Lee was sitting on the side with a couple young guys. Riku and... Ryu. Riku is an young actor in a talent agency I can't remember which one yet. We sat and chatted for awhile and took some purikura.

Lee and I got hungry so we parted and went for okonomiyaki. Its my first time making okonomiyaki in a resturant. It was quite interesting. Lee showed me step by step how to make it. It tasted awesome. During our dinner Ryu called and asked if we wanted to go out for dinner or something. Lee was like you're too late we already sat down for food and making it. So he asked if they could join but Lee said another time because it would be awkward for us to wait for thier okonomiyaki to finish.

They called again to ask if we were done but we we're still eating. Another time.. After food, we went back home and Lee got changed. Then we went out again just for a loooonnng midnight walk around shibuya looking for icecream. We at a some sort of bar the cover charge was 600 yen!! our food was only 380 each. But It was good never the less. Though i forgot to take pictures of my cheescake. =/

On the side note, I finally found HACHIKO!!!!~~ you'd think hes pretty big but hes not.


  1. That okonomiyaki looks delish. What's hachiko? P.S. you can reply to me by msn :P

    word verification: UNGST!

  2. omgomgomg i want the food
    looks dam good!

  3. Now I am even more hungrier than I was before I read this! haha..
    I am about to make something for me and my brother...

    Speaking of which, he saws he wants to have real ramen when he goes to Japan. haha :)

  4. Defiantly he should try it. Its sooooooooo good! >w< Ramen is like heavenly here XD

  5. Oh! well he will be happy to hear that! haha... though there is this reeeeallly nice japanese restaurant in the town my dad lives in and I saw that they had ramen... but I wanted to get the tempura xD so I didnt get to try it~