Thursday, February 19, 2009

Evolution Bandshow

I believe the last time i went to a bandshow was sometime in the summer of 2008. Its been a very long time since i hanged with all my band friends again.

This event was hosted by UBCJA. There were alot of bands but i was there for 3-4ish. 3 of which I've never seen play live before. [well at least as the bands they are now-theres a pool of band people who keep breaking up and reforming into different bands all the time] I was really happy to be able to finally see EVE and ~@~ live. But most of all i was there to see X:enders. They played mostly originals. I really like Kai's guitar playing style.

I also got to meet their bassist Kiyu. Shes SOOOO nice and cool.

At the end of X:enders' performance, Kai tossed his pick right to me. [like purposefully underhanded tossed it in front of me to make sure i got it]that was so sweet of him becuase he knows that i lost the previous pick i caught at a show from the mix up when my room got all rearranged. I know its lying in my house somewhere.

Afterwards, we all piled into to Kai's car and when to his house so that Jake can pick up his glasses. It was my first time in Kai's home. I asked him for a sharpie to sign the pick. He looked at me blankly and asked "whats a sharpie". I was shocked and just gave him a weird look like wtf how can you NOT know? and Jin, who was standing behind him said "Its the permanent marker thing.. Kai! you're in band how can you not know what it is!" hahaa that was funny

After Jake got his glasses and took out his contact lenses we all went to a Korean resturant. I looked over and over and over and over again for something that im allowed to eat as im on this detox thing... Alas, i found ONE item. and it was 14.95 [owch] oh wellz I ordered it. It was really good. It was a grilled Norwegian Mackerel.

After we finished eating Kiyu gave Roger, Rita? [rogers gf] Mariko and I a ride. She dropped us off at the skytrain and i skytrained with roger and his gf to Joyce.

That was a very fun night. I felt more involved than usual into conversations ^_^

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