Monday, January 22, 2007

Double Weekend Update

hings that happend since last weekend

friday; did alot of my moms stuff and boring boring boring
sat; i went to richmound as misa misa and vicky and i took lots of pictures, then we split off and i went to VIP. I phoned kai earlier because i know he lives downtown and i was very early. But he didnt answer. I think there wasnt many people? or i cant really remember. later he phoned me and apparently he was still working up at the mountain. He was telling me how cold it was etc. it was a nice convo. i ended up staying at khea's because she felt lonely because tetsu went back to japan for a bit.

I was SUPPOSED to go home early and finish my contest entry for AMG. but i felt bad that khea couldnt contact someone to hang out. So i decided to hang for a bit. I ended up being the bag lady because i was like bringing soo much stuff along with me. [because it was my dads weekend and he just droped off my stuff. i had another dress on top of one he just bought me] We watched the sunset at english bay while drinking coffee. ^_^

I did end up finishing my entry... at 4am in the mourning!!!!!!. OMG i skiped my mourning classes because i was WAAAAAAAy too tierd to function. then i found out i actually had til friday to hand it in =_=;; sux.

lets just skip the boring school days. and on to friday. I met up with khea and metro station and we walked around a bit after taking purikura. we drank some coffee and khea spoted a guy with really nice hair. we kinda looked at him a little and commented on how happy he looked while eating fries LOL. then he left. we continued talking for a bit and she filled me in on some funny stories that happened over the week. at around 6ish we decided to head back to get back home in time for dinner. We decided not to take the bus so khea doesnt have to pay fro transit. on our way out i saw a sillohette of a guy with nice hair in the next section of the skytrain. when we got off he got off too! it was the same guy! and then he was walking the same way as us. but he started to cross the street. i was contemplating wheather or not i should ask for msn. In the end i ran after him and taped him on the shoulder [he walks very fast] he jumped back like really drastically. i think i really really scared him. =_=;;; i asked very shyly for his msn contact. i was explaining that it wasnt just random and i dont normally do this. but his hair was really cool! anyway i rejoined with khea and she was laughing. she thought i pulled his arm or something the way he reacted LOL. anyway we got to my house and ate chiken for dinner. we FINALLY watched silent hill after wanting to for soo long. it was SOOOO GOOODDD.. afterwards we were going to watch more but we ended up chatting about stuff.

the next day we wokeup pretty late. we ate lunch and headed over to kheas, i kinda feel asleep cuz i cant seem to sleep in that much so i had lack of sleep. when i wokeup she was doing her hair. i couched her through how to use the curling iron. it turned out SOOO NICE!!!!! then she cooked some chicken and rice. now normally i dont like white meat but the way khea cooks i like anything she makes :3. we headed to the party. She wore a green sparkly dress with jesus diamante shoes and white JD coat. I wore white lace tanktop short black skirt with 4.5inch stellotoes[with sliver ribbons] and a black fur coat. we matched soo well.

the karaoke party was kinda fun, but i think it could hve been better, i got to meet lots of people and alot more chinese than usaul. it was pretty good. i also got to meet ena and M... i forgot her name but i remember she had the estique of toshiya it was soo cool~ i hope to hang with them more. clover forgot to give us the presents and so by the time she delivers them after khea gets back from japan shed have to get us both b-day presents too HAHHAAA~

afterwards everyone headed to joons, but before we went moonmoon, new hiroyuki, nozumi and akane khea and i went to eat mcDs. akane got a phone call and appearently 2 friends of hers are geting married but we were expecting someone died or something she made a even more surprizing loud noise than clover [yelling at parents] everyone at mcd stared.

we stayed at joons for a bit but everyone was tierd, so around 2ish we left. khea and i soon went to sleep woke up at around 1ish, we ate lunch and packed up. this time khea became the bag lady hahaha~ we walked down robson, and she bought some stuff for her hosts in japan at one of the suvenier stores there was a japanese guy with nice hair, he asked me "where are you going" i sed oh., i was at a party last night. "oh very beautiful" i think he ment mostly the shoes, but i guess its the whole ens amble of the coat and shoes and classy hair-do.

We passed by bebe on our way to skytrain and those fur protestors were giving us bad looks and shouting almost directly at us and trying to shove the pamphlets at us. i got a bit pissed off so when i was starting to cross the street i shouted at them "PEOPLE BEEN WEARING FUR FOR YEARS TO KEEP WARM SO SHUUUUTTUPP!!" khea was giggling, and i saw that i got mixed expressions, some were nodding thier heads some others were giving a 0_0 omg look and others were glaring. LOL i didnt care, i wanted to say it before cept unlike this time i wasnt wearing a nice fur coat. and to add to the effect i looked especially classy.

today i didnt go to school, i was very exuasted and tierd and i had a bad cold... sorry wendy ^^;;;. but i added a bunch of ppl that i met over the weekend. apparently the cool hair guy JUST broke up with his gf, and he went to metro to shop and get his hair cut by kingsway. apparently i made his day yay~ lol

oh yea i kinda chiped my tooth T_T its not very noticeable.... but still T__T i cant believe it happened. i was drinking beer and a person bumped into me and the beer bottle hit and chiped my tooth

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