Sunday, March 29, 2009

Club Hopping with Jamieson

The first part of the day was spent finishing off decorating my laptop. Afterwards, I got ready and went to club with Jamieson and his friends. One of them was Haru from Vancouver. We went to Vuenos first. Yama is in charge of the programing there i think so we all got in for free. Although it was kind of dead so we just bounced to the 2nd club. I cant remember what it was called or where it was but yea, it was a small one. The music was quite good and there were a few live preformances. The 3 girls were soo cool looking i wish i could dance like them.

The next club was this club beside Atom. I cant seem to read the name. The music was very hip-hop like the other clubs. Its small and narrow... kinda crowded not many guys interested me cept this one guy was not bad Rakuto. I danced with him mostly. After a while we both exited the club and went on a long walk around shibuya and ended up at a karaoke bar. I got to practice my japanese more because he cannot understand english well just like everyone else and i didnt have lee to help me out. He plays soccer etc. I couldnt get his contact in the end because his friend had his phone and I lost my pen somewhere.

Oh well~

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