Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Christmas and Boxing Day 2007

Clover is to spend xmas with me since khea is still in japan. I told Clover to come at 11 so she will be on time and sure enough she arrives at 1 XD hahahhaaha soo Clover. We had xmas dinner at my stepdads sisters place and it was a white xmas. We took some pics in teh snow and clover and i caught up on all the stuff we missed out. lonng bunch of details im too lazy to type now..

alot of family styled fun etc etc not too interested in saying much more than that. As well Clover FINALLY gave me my xmas present for last year Haha

26th boxing day. thought u can trust her? NO clover was 2 hrs late! T___T we went to metro then crystal then richmound i bought a shit load of stuff and yea took purikura it was a good 7hr shopping day

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