Saturday, March 28, 2009


Yesterday as I was getting ready, a new guy came in that was look at our guest house to see if he would like to move in. His name is John but he wont be moving in until after im gone.

As planned, Lee and I went to harajuku and John tagged along. On our way to Lee's meeting spot in which she had to pick up her money, we saw 3 very very cute guys although probally too young. We then went to Takashita dori and ate at an all you can eat place for 1050yen. It was sooo good >w<~ We then walked around and went into alot of idol shops and go on to topics about Johnny's etc. Lee and I went to Pinklatte to buy some deco things and a cellphone strap for the two of us. John's friends arrived but they were kinda uninteresting. Lee then spoted 2 hot guys and we followed them then decided to go back. John's friends didnt wanna hang with us so w/e We walked around somemore and then went back to Shibuya to deco our things. Lee's roomate just got back from Tailand. Her name is Jessie a very nice girl shes from South Carolina. At around 1130 I went out to pick up my friend so he can drop off his luggauge here. But he was no where to be found. I went bakc and then he messaged me he was there so i had to go back again -_-ll At around 230 Lee and I went to Camelot. There were alot of cute guys but they all kinda had an attitude.... Although the drinks were good >w<~ around half way through our night, we got invited to join 2 guys in the VIP room. Thier names are Airisu and Masafumi. Their jobs have something to do with cars. They were really kinda and we got free drinks. The waiter? was very very handsome. His name was... shinohara? I actually cant remember.. it was not a name i heard before. He kept saying i had big boobs LOL~!

At around 430ish, we were asked to exit the room and I told the waiter that he was very handsome. He then asked for my number. He said its really too bad that im leaving soon.

We got home around 530ish.

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  1. I love how you always meet cute guys lol, ahh living the life~ I hope I'm that lucky when I go to Japan lol :]