Sunday, March 8, 2009

Black Lolita

Lately, if you haven't noticed I've been mostly wearing Classic or Sweet Lolita. Today I decided to change it up a bit and wear all black. [and.. its supposed to be a pic-nic and my black dress is my warmest dress]

Before the Lolita meet, I went to my Natural Doctor to clear some more items before I go to Japan and hear the update on my status. I have achived what I was set out to achieve from the Detox and I am not officially done~ YAY~

After the appointment I phoned Viki to see where in Granville Island they were at but they changed locations to Viki's house because it was to cold. When I got to the house I was surprised to see that it was mostly Dark colored Lolitas and Martin. I was very happy to see him today. I have not seen him for a very long time.

We had a cupcake decoration contest and.. I can't remember who won. It was very fun although i don't like eating cupcakes....

After that, we took a quick photoshoot but it was cut short due to Mid-winter weather in March burr.... then we all headed to richmound to eat.

We ate at sushi resturant and i regret not taking photos of my food. You won't believe the SIZE of these rolls. I swear our whole table went 0_0 omfg thats GIANT!!! The rolls were 1.5 inches in diameter. They were 3x the size of the ones from the resturants I work at. The nigiri is at least 2x larger and the sashimi.. 0_0 it was like an inch thick and 4inches long~~ it was giagantic~ the quality is average non-japanese owned standard but seriously... the size is just wow...

After food, Martin, Viki, Helena and I walked to Parker Place to take purikura and then meet up with George at Aberdeen. Viki and I bought some dessert and we all just sat around and chatted for awhile then we all headed home. Viki, George and Helena in one direction and Martin and I on the 410 to 22nd st. station.

While we waited for the bus I told Martin about my ideas for my manga and he was quite intrigued. We also talked about drawing in general and certain tricks in life on how to make things better. I was a very nice and relaxing day [other than beign lost on my way to my doc's office]

Tommorrow I will do house chores and ALOT of laundry and maybe start packing for Japan. I'm very excited! less than one week to go~!

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