Tuesday, March 24, 2009

4 boys to 2 girls

Today I went on a "double-date" with Lee. But it turns out Kyosuke brought 3 other guys with him LAWL. Their names are Takuto, Rikihito and Shouya. They were supposed to meet with us at 9 but it ended up being 11.

We met with them at Shibuya station then headed to Donkihotei for some liquor. We went back to our place and then drank for a bit. We talked about various things and appearently Kyosuke was a host before and now a drummer. He was in my Men's spider magazine LOL~~ so I asked him to sign it. Later we tried to get into the club but... the other 3 were only 18 =_=l so they couldnt go.. So we went to Gaspanic bar. It was sorta a bar but kinda a club.

We drank a bit more there and danced the night away. Riki wouldnt dance at all thought =/ We tried so hard to get him to. Takuto wasn't dancing at the begining either but eventually he warmed up to the idea. We had a lot of fun dancing and met some new people.

Eventually we got bored of just dancing so we went out. We went for some purikura... ALOT of purikura. hahaha I think we spent a couple hrs in purikura place and took soo many sets. 2 of which i got.

Afterwards we all went home ^_^ 530am..

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