Monday, December 31, 2007

3 Floor New Year Madness

LOLZ Happy New Year Everyone!!

For new yrs eve i really wanted to spend it with close friends [but NOT family XD] so I asked around and yea things didnt turn out. So i ended up going to a where ever this new bunch of cbc guys i met recently are going. At firs it was planned to be at one of thier houses and yea.. i would be like humm last time it was good cuz i had friends with me that i know more but this time? oh wellz i just dont want to be alone or with family.

I kept on phoning my contact but for some reason there was no pickup. eventually he picked up so im a little frazzled from the possibility that i wouldnt get in contact and i cant go anywhere but the good news was the plans have changed and we're going to a japanese korean party near robson. I waited at Blendz for about 30mins freezing my ass off wondering where are they... >.>. kept calling no answer @__@ i really dislike waiting and not knowing whats going on.

evetually they came =D and we got into the party ^____^ it was in an apartment on Haro st. There were 3 apartments, one on each floor. I stayed mostly on the 3rd floor and partied out talking to alot of people and grabbing contacts. We went to the countdown on robson and then went back for more partying. Then around 2:30am cops came and busted the party and we retreated to the 2nd floor and hid there for a bit and then partied a tiny bit more after mostly just chatting and hanging. Then we went looking for food on robson and couldnt find anything so we ended up at dennys and ate there for a while. We went back to the skytrain but it was still closed so we took the 19th bus at 6:45am. One of the guys i was with walked me home and i went to bed at 7:30am and woke up at 4:30pm today XD so i didnt see daylight.

It was very very fun and prolly the most kickass newyrs ive had so far =D Im glad i went

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