Monday, March 16, 2009

26hr day

Today I went to Akihabara to go get a camera. I bought a DSC T90 Sony. I went home afterwards to charge it then went to 109 to look around. I bought some extensions but i realize now that they are too light of a color... =/ maybe ill get them to match my color when i get back or just sell it.

I was going to go back home to try out the extensions when I got talked to again by some nampa. This one was different somehow though. Most of them just go away after I said im canadian. but he continued to talk with me. We went to karaoke then to eat dinner. I ate a sushi bar. It was sooooooooooooo good!!~~!!>w<

When I finally got home again, I was tierd so i went to sleep around 8ish. Then i woke up around 12. That was when I met a cool roomate. She's a model. We had alot in common like idols etc. We decided to fix our makeup and go out. The intial plan was to tak purikura and have a tour around shibuya.

We ran into some guys playing magic tricks. It was very fun to watch. Then we walked around some more and this guy named Taku came up to us promoting a bar saying that its only 500yen for any drink. We were like humm =/ and then he said... OK!~ service ^_^

So we went to the bar and got some free drinks and chatted there for awhile. Afterwards we went to a karaoke bar for more drinks, some food and lots of singing. We didnt get home until 830am. XD

It was very funn~~~ and the best part is, its all free whoo~~ I only spent like... 300yen on food haha.


  1. Aww cute! Enjoying yourself muchly I see!
    We gotta hang out again~~

  2. Free food and drinks is always enjoable, haha~
    I had a free dinner last night, it was really filling xD

    The guys that were doing magic tricks...was it only two of them? Or was there more? *might know who they are but isnt sure* >.<;

  3. Just two. I dont know thier names

  4. Ohh...then I think I might know who they are o.o haha. I saw them on a tv show once xD but i might still be wrong~ but they were in that area so there might be a chance! |D ;;