Monday, March 23, 2009

20th B-day

The original plan was to go to a host club. I was waiting for Lee to waking up but she didnt wake until half passed 2. I was bored so i ate alot of food. We went to 109 around 7 to buy a new outfit. I made it to kabuki-cho around 12.

We looked around and met up with one of her friends who live in the area. She was explaining the system. You can either choose hourly where you get a free drink or you can choose free time that cost a bit more. She told us that make sure they dont sit thier ass next to you otherwise you pay more. You can choose the same host up to 3x. After that you are stuck with him forever and no longer can choose other hosts.

We looked around and felt that everything seemd more expensive... Normally in shibuya we'd just walk around and people will offer us free things but here it was wierd... We apearently came at a bad time because its in between time. All the night clubs are open but they are inside already busy working. Whereas the daytime clubs are all closed. We werent sure what to do. The last train was gone. We went into a dounut shop to decide. While we ate a couple doughnuts, Lee texted Seiya for me and then texted kyosuke for tommorrow's date.

We decided to maybe walk around a bit to see if we can be picked up by someone. It was super cold outside and i saw a couple hosts walking about. They had a really bad attitude. It was as if they had the look "if i see another woman im gonna be sick" kind of look.

After about less than 5mins we decided its too cold so we took the taxi back to Shibuya. I was soo happy to be back in Shibuya. Shinjuku is a tad scary. We ended up at Atom. Surprizingly super crowed even on a monday night 0_0. Why didnt we just come here in the first place LAWL!

I saw soo many hot guys there. Everyone was very young. First guy i met was named Yuki. He was soo sweet and adorable. Lee said he was soo excited and kept asking questions about me, and that he was really realy realy into me. I was soo happy. At atom I was very popular. Maybe because its al gyaru and gyaruo XD haha

I met some other people it was very fun. We also met a group of guys named Tatsu?, ... i dear i forgot everyones names. But yea, at around 5am we went to karaoke to sing. I had soo much fun i tried a few songs im not sure that i can sing. Although i think my hiragana reading is a bit faster now. I tried Filth in Beauty and totaly forgot how much english was in there. Lots of people were suprized that I'm Canadian.


  1. It sounds like it didnt start off too well but ended okay, so thats good xD
    Happy birthday~ (Though it is late.. you are a day ahead of me right now though 0.0)

  2. awwz thx. Yea it all ended well ^_^