Sunday, March 22, 2009

0101 then groccery store

Today was the first rainy day since i got here. Japan's winds are quite strong.. I went to check out marui today because Yasu has been saying he prefers this over 109. I personally obviously like 109 more. Marui is more expensive too. I also checked out 109-2. the first few floors were all womens clothing and accessories next was all mens. I thought it'd be fun just to look around but i felt a little be intimidated because im looking at men's clothing for no reason lol. [sales people are agressive, and they ask alot of questions... most of which i dont understand] There were alot of hot guys though XD.

I then went to Tsutaya to look for some photobooks but didnt find any that i wanted. Although i did buy a couple jrock magazines, tsubasa mini book and a men's yukai [host club mag]. Then I went to another bookstore to check out men's knuckle.. but didnt see anything i wanted there...

When i went outside i met a guy named genki. LOL is that really his real name? I made a joke "tabun, genki san wa zutto genki desu" He talked to me for awhile but he was working promoting a nail salon.

I was originally going to go eat ramen at a place near by my place but decided to drop off my books first then go. My roomate suggested to go to the groccery store instead so i went. I bought some noodles, a carton of juice, and some dried squid. It was soo much cheaper than going to a resturant. Now im eating my noodles =3


  1. his name is genki~ haha xD

    I went into this store, know style (or something like that) and it had some cool clothes (and for reasonable prices too! but I had no money xD) and there were two women working but like they didnt say anything or ask anything till I was about to leave D: it was awkward >.<

  2. A shorter joke on his name: "Genki desu ka?"

  3. I suppose but i dont think he would have gotten the joke as well if i said that.

  4. akuialice-> yea? I wish they would not say anything to me. It scares me when they wont stop asking questions XD. Maybe, its because I dont look foreign so they just bombard me with service.

  5. haha, aww, I know how you feel! I get hit on sometimes and its so embarrassing/annoying! D:
    Maybe they think your some model/celeb or something like that xDDD I mean its awfully bold for them to go up and start talking to you and ask questions... no one here does that .__. (because they are either shy or rude xD)