Saturday, February 21, 2009

Larme Last Live

Lately the bus around my area has been either late or early. I was trying to get to the concert early so I can buy live goods but I ended up being late and missing one or two songs...

The performance was beautiful and sad at the same time because it is the last. I haven't had this much fun at a concert since... awhile. My neck is still sore from it. At the end of the concert the members threw out guitar picks and things. I caught Tomo's last drum stick. I think it hit the top of the stage and then fell down through the Shu's preforming stool. I grabbed the end of it while 2-3 other girls grabbed the other part of it. But I just yanked it and it was mine =3

I bought a T-shirt and the fanpack and got everyone to sign it. After that, we all were discussing where to eat and such. After a long time we decided on Red Robins. I was talking to Sylvi about Vidoll and how much I wanted to go but only thier fanclub shows are while I'm in Japan T_T. She told me that she can look into it for me.

Shu was really energetic that day and got everyone to take pictures. It was a beautiful last live. I hope they have a reunion sometime.

btw, the picture is a joke about Shu and Shrimp Rings. It goes along the lines of one day Shu ate an entire shrimp ring and said something like " I think they are expanding inside my stomach" or something. So yea, we are making shrimp rings in the photo. Also to do with some of us cant seem to make a decent heart with our hands

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