Saturday, February 7, 2009

Karaoke with Famous Japanese Figure Skaters at Kamei Royale

I heard that some famous Japanese figure skaters are in town for a competition. At Kamei Royale we had a special roll dedicated to Mao Asada. Respectively, yesterday was very busy.

After a long hard day of work and still sore from the day before [ night before, I had a even more heavy day of work, read below to see ] We heard that the figure skaters were coming to Kamei Royale's Karaoke bar section. So we all stayed after work to greet them and sing karaoke with them. Unfortunately Mao Asada was not able to make it to the resturant but Nanri Yasuharu , Oda Nobunari, and Kozuka Takahiko came.

We were all instructed to stand in a line to give them a warm welcome into kamei royale. and then we all got to sit down with them and chat and sing. Oda and Kozuka were very good at singing. It was very fun to watch them sing. I did not get to talk to them as until around the end because my Japanese is very limited. But one of the people there [but i cant remember his occupation] was very kind to me and could speak english. I mostly talked to him and Nanri. Oda and Kozuka left a maybe an hr earlier than Nanri.

I felt a bit akward at first because i had no idea who was who since i dont really watch figure skating and all the our staff members were talking in japanese about them so i was not sure what exactly was going on as well as i was too shy to ask them their names ^^;; [but now, i researched to get the correct names] Anyway, close to the end the guy i was talking to asked me about where to take purikura in Vancouver [i was showing my coworker a vidoll picture and they spoted my hime lolita picture and asked to look through my adjenda which had alot of purikura in it.] So i wrote down directions to CHQ, and then they asked if they can have my contact info HAHAHA. [i gave it out sure why not right?]

My other coworker asked them for an autograph so of course we all ask as well. By that time it was only Nanri left. So here's Nanri's sig on my planner

Yasuharu Nanri

After that, we all saw them out and headed to Yosuke's house [because alot of us could not get home because transit shut down already] We all chatted and hanged out til 5am and then went to sleep. It was very fun, first time sleepover with co-workers


Ok, so actually maybe one other time [v-day and xmas eve at a chocolate store is just as busy] was busy too. but most busy day in a restaurant.

My first friday night working at Shuraku [worked morning as well] was super busy. We are short one waiter so kazuya [new guy start same time as me pretty much] took half his tables and our boss took the rest. I took care of Hostessing and Bussing.

Shuraku resturant isnt a very big resturant at all and most of our tables are just 2 seaters and the bigger tables are 4-6 [which there are only 4 of those] and the rest are bar seats. We had soo many reservations and i had to really think very hard to figure out how to accommodate all our customers flooding in. I managed to fit almost everyone in tightly packed. It was a full house with people waiting from 630-1130.

Through out the night, we had at least 4 groups of 6, group of 9, group of 8 and a group of 10. as well as many many groups of 2 and 3. I utilized all teh space perfectly and bused all the tables very quickly. My boss was impressed. Because of the size of shuraku, all tables are bused using a tray and loading is also by the tray [kamei we use a cart]. At the end of it all i felt like my limbs were going to fall off. there was no time to have a break. But oh wellz extreme work out but being paid for it makes it nice ^_^

I was scheduled in for 5-9 but i ended up working until 1215!making a total of around 11hrs of work combining day and night shifts. XD man was that ever busy. I was sore all the way into the next day.

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