Saturday, February 28, 2009

Sweet Blue Baby Lolita Birthday Party

Today was Anna's Lolita Birthday Party at Adonia Tea House. I thought I gave myself enough time to get ready but apparently not and was 40mins late. Everyone was soooo cute. I was really happy to be in lolita again. Its been quite awhile. As something special Kiyu was wearing a blonde wig and Cat's white lolita dress. It was soo adorable >w<. I wore my Baby The Star's Shine Bright Jumper. I couldn't eat the sweets because of my detox but I drank some tea and took alot of photos. After the Tea House, we all piled into cars and went to Metrotown for Sticker Photos. When I looked for my wallet for some change I noticed it was missing 0_0!!!!! It has my ID and credit cards in it !!! 0_0... But perhaps it was in Kiyu's car? Anyway I had enough change from tips so we took alot of sets >w<~ By this time everyone was hungery for dinner. It was 8:00pm

We decided to go to Naam's Resturant on W. 4th. I was in Kiyu's car along with Mariko and we got lost LOL and then FINALLY we decided to use the GPS. haha. We finally got there around 9:00ish. I phoned Yanlong about tonight's clubbing plans. Basically I have to go home and get changed and grab my passport for ID. Yanlong came with his BMW to pick me up while others decided on a change of plans to go to Guu on thurlow with Larme.

Yanlong tried to get me a ticket but it was sold out. So he said that he would drive me home. Now wait, why go home right? I can still make it to Guu. So He drove me to Guu and I met up with everyone again.

We all squished to one table and brought out a b-day cake for Shu, Hate, Lemon and Anna. SO many b-days ne? We sang happy b-day and ordered some food but not much. Tonight was more about the beer than the food haha. It was pitcher after pitcher. Too bad I was not able to drink but it was fun nevertheless. Emily is super strong at drinking and kept going. Poor Mariko didn't want anymore but Tomo kept topping up her glass. Hate was finished quite early and broke his ring by hitting the table too much...

Also, one of my schoolmates came and I got ot say hi to him. He asked what was the occasion. I said it was a b-day party for... [points at 4 ppl] haha

Afterwards, we went outside and figured out the car-pooling situ. Anna drove Emily, Tomo and I home. I got home around 2am. I was so glad i didnt go clubbing ^_^

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Gyaru Meet Up

Sunday Gyaru meet-up at metrotown which I was at least 30mins late. @@; what's with me lately? I used to be always on time... maybe mom's late genes is taking effect.

I wore my Cecil Mcbee outfit. I meet up with Shawna and the others. The two girls Junko and... I cant remember her name at the moment told me about thier idea for a magazine and asked me to be a model for it. I was super excited. I've always wanted to be a magazine model for Japanese styled fashion. We chatted for awhile at the couches and then got really hungery. The two of them didnt have enough money so they went to crystal mall to talk to the retailers about thier project and Shawna, the other girl [I'm really bad at names right now...] and I ate at Taishou.

We just chatted for a long time then took purikura. First a set with the 3 of us and then one with just Shawna and I for our Gyarusa, Bulaklak. Then headed home. It was a fun relaxing day.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Larme Last Live

Lately the bus around my area has been either late or early. I was trying to get to the concert early so I can buy live goods but I ended up being late and missing one or two songs...

The performance was beautiful and sad at the same time because it is the last. I haven't had this much fun at a concert since... awhile. My neck is still sore from it. At the end of the concert the members threw out guitar picks and things. I caught Tomo's last drum stick. I think it hit the top of the stage and then fell down through the Shu's preforming stool. I grabbed the end of it while 2-3 other girls grabbed the other part of it. But I just yanked it and it was mine =3

I bought a T-shirt and the fanpack and got everyone to sign it. After that, we all were discussing where to eat and such. After a long time we decided on Red Robins. I was talking to Sylvi about Vidoll and how much I wanted to go but only thier fanclub shows are while I'm in Japan T_T. She told me that she can look into it for me.

Shu was really energetic that day and got everyone to take pictures. It was a beautiful last live. I hope they have a reunion sometime.

btw, the picture is a joke about Shu and Shrimp Rings. It goes along the lines of one day Shu ate an entire shrimp ring and said something like " I think they are expanding inside my stomach" or something. So yea, we are making shrimp rings in the photo. Also to do with some of us cant seem to make a decent heart with our hands

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Evolution Bandshow

I believe the last time i went to a bandshow was sometime in the summer of 2008. Its been a very long time since i hanged with all my band friends again.

This event was hosted by UBCJA. There were alot of bands but i was there for 3-4ish. 3 of which I've never seen play live before. [well at least as the bands they are now-theres a pool of band people who keep breaking up and reforming into different bands all the time] I was really happy to be able to finally see EVE and ~@~ live. But most of all i was there to see X:enders. They played mostly originals. I really like Kai's guitar playing style.

I also got to meet their bassist Kiyu. Shes SOOOO nice and cool.

At the end of X:enders' performance, Kai tossed his pick right to me. [like purposefully underhanded tossed it in front of me to make sure i got it]that was so sweet of him becuase he knows that i lost the previous pick i caught at a show from the mix up when my room got all rearranged. I know its lying in my house somewhere.

Afterwards, we all piled into to Kai's car and when to his house so that Jake can pick up his glasses. It was my first time in Kai's home. I asked him for a sharpie to sign the pick. He looked at me blankly and asked "whats a sharpie". I was shocked and just gave him a weird look like wtf how can you NOT know? and Jin, who was standing behind him said "Its the permanent marker thing.. Kai! you're in band how can you not know what it is!" hahaa that was funny

After Jake got his glasses and took out his contact lenses we all went to a Korean resturant. I looked over and over and over and over again for something that im allowed to eat as im on this detox thing... Alas, i found ONE item. and it was 14.95 [owch] oh wellz I ordered it. It was really good. It was a grilled Norwegian Mackerel.

After we finished eating Kiyu gave Roger, Rita? [rogers gf] Mariko and I a ride. She dropped us off at the skytrain and i skytrained with roger and his gf to Joyce.

That was a very fun night. I felt more involved than usual into conversations ^_^

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Karaoke with Famous Japanese Figure Skaters at Kamei Royale

I heard that some famous Japanese figure skaters are in town for a competition. At Kamei Royale we had a special roll dedicated to Mao Asada. Respectively, yesterday was very busy.

After a long hard day of work and still sore from the day before [ night before, I had a even more heavy day of work, read below to see ] We heard that the figure skaters were coming to Kamei Royale's Karaoke bar section. So we all stayed after work to greet them and sing karaoke with them. Unfortunately Mao Asada was not able to make it to the resturant but Nanri Yasuharu , Oda Nobunari, and Kozuka Takahiko came.

We were all instructed to stand in a line to give them a warm welcome into kamei royale. and then we all got to sit down with them and chat and sing. Oda and Kozuka were very good at singing. It was very fun to watch them sing. I did not get to talk to them as until around the end because my Japanese is very limited. But one of the people there [but i cant remember his occupation] was very kind to me and could speak english. I mostly talked to him and Nanri. Oda and Kozuka left a maybe an hr earlier than Nanri.

I felt a bit akward at first because i had no idea who was who since i dont really watch figure skating and all the our staff members were talking in japanese about them so i was not sure what exactly was going on as well as i was too shy to ask them their names ^^;; [but now, i researched to get the correct names] Anyway, close to the end the guy i was talking to asked me about where to take purikura in Vancouver [i was showing my coworker a vidoll picture and they spoted my hime lolita picture and asked to look through my adjenda which had alot of purikura in it.] So i wrote down directions to CHQ, and then they asked if they can have my contact info HAHAHA. [i gave it out sure why not right?]

My other coworker asked them for an autograph so of course we all ask as well. By that time it was only Nanri left. So here's Nanri's sig on my planner

Yasuharu Nanri

After that, we all saw them out and headed to Yosuke's house [because alot of us could not get home because transit shut down already] We all chatted and hanged out til 5am and then went to sleep. It was very fun, first time sleepover with co-workers


Ok, so actually maybe one other time [v-day and xmas eve at a chocolate store is just as busy] was busy too. but most busy day in a restaurant.

My first friday night working at Shuraku [worked morning as well] was super busy. We are short one waiter so kazuya [new guy start same time as me pretty much] took half his tables and our boss took the rest. I took care of Hostessing and Bussing.

Shuraku resturant isnt a very big resturant at all and most of our tables are just 2 seaters and the bigger tables are 4-6 [which there are only 4 of those] and the rest are bar seats. We had soo many reservations and i had to really think very hard to figure out how to accommodate all our customers flooding in. I managed to fit almost everyone in tightly packed. It was a full house with people waiting from 630-1130.

Through out the night, we had at least 4 groups of 6, group of 9, group of 8 and a group of 10. as well as many many groups of 2 and 3. I utilized all teh space perfectly and bused all the tables very quickly. My boss was impressed. Because of the size of shuraku, all tables are bused using a tray and loading is also by the tray [kamei we use a cart]. At the end of it all i felt like my limbs were going to fall off. there was no time to have a break. But oh wellz extreme work out but being paid for it makes it nice ^_^

I was scheduled in for 5-9 but i ended up working until 1215!making a total of around 11hrs of work combining day and night shifts. XD man was that ever busy. I was sore all the way into the next day.