Thursday, December 31, 2009

New Years Eve Return to 2008 Location

Crap! Like always didnt plan for NYE. I was supposed to spend it with Clement but he messed up and mistook the day and the party happened to be NYD instead... =_-

So, here we go again with the phone list calling. I finally got a reply from my friend Mei Kimura~! She said theres a party on Haro street apartment. [I wonder... would it be Ruski's place? - 1 of the 3 party houses i went to but stopped since i heard he went to japan]

I waited in front of Soctia bank theatre for Mei and Shingo to arrive. To my surprized they came in a car and we droped by Mei's place before we went to the party. Her apt is soo pretty! the view was awesome!

We arrived around 9ish and started on coolers. I really dont like soft liquor but i didnt see any hard around. Appearently it IS ruski's place. But Ruski isnt here, his bro is taking care of it along with a new roomate, Rick. Everyone was really surprized to hear my english being so fluent and completely confused when i said my name is Shannon. They though I was lying LOL!

I talked mostly to Rick. He said why are you drinking the cooler then?? Here, ill get you some voldka mix orange juice. Yesh! but i have to be careful . Light -> heavey = bad

But somehow i seemd to be ok. Maybe its the orange juice's sugar that saved me~ The party went on and on and we took some nice photos and had a very good time.

There seemd to be another party on the other floor. This isnt 3 floor New Year madness like 2008 but theres still 2 parties going on and i met a bunch of other people. One that liked rock as well. I introed him to alot of jrock and he loved it. We discuessed music and i met everyone else at the other party. The other party apt had the most beautiful wallpaper I've ever seen! Its like a host club look LOL. The crowd was mostly CBC style but there were 2 japanese girls One was a girl I actually briefly met before. Hidemi~

It was starting to get late.. 3am-4am. Everyone was getting hungery so we all left the place in search for food. Outside we encoutered a super drunk white woman. She was yelling and running around saying she got ditched by her cousins is lost. The police came to help her out.. which ment we have to be careful as police like to break up parties and check up on people who leave parties in cars.

We made it out alright and arrived at #9 in richmound. The place was like a japanese train during rush hour~! Every clubber in town was there LOL. We managed to get a table but it was too crowded and the group voted to go elsewear..

We arrived at a Viet Pho place but it was closed so some said lets go to MCDs.... no way! we went downtown in search for another place... but then they phoned and said theres another Pho place on broadway. why didnt you say earlier?! anyway we got there and had a good dinner? breakfast? LOL its all the same

I spralled in around 7am in the morning. Damn that was an awesome night! I simply love endless nights like this~

Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Xmas!

As I've always said, I always considered Christmas as a family thing and New Years as a friends thing. Normally I spend Christmas with my cousins, aunts, uncles etc.. But this year there's been some turbulence in my extended family due to issues with grandma.

Therefore I spent Christmas with mom's friends and my mom at a big potluck dinner at Kitkat's house [ nickname for Katherine]. The decorations were really nice and the food was absolutely perfect! I was still a bit sick so my energy levels weren't great...

The party was relaxing and soo much good food i wish i had a bigger stomach >w<

I talked with a few people but most people were talking all in chinese... which i dont fully understand. Also the age groups were that of 10yrs old and under or 30+ years old. [most landing in 40s] So, there wasnt anyone really my age to talk to.

The next day Christmas morning, Mom and I had a really nice long chat about things then got up to get ready to go out. We planned to see Sherlock Holmes. [its opening night] We were planning just to go early pick up tix, visit grandma.. but the line up already started! We ate our lunch at the movie theatre and watched Sherlock Holmes. The casting was really good, i actually didnt know that Sherlock Holmes would be soo cool. I always found the cartoons a tad boring.... The best change I think was changing the costume. Getting rid of the that traditional brown cloak of his made him soo much cooler. It also helped that the stars were Robert Downey Jr and Jude Law~

After that we visited Grandma.... I dont like seeing that woman.. The old age home was creepy... just like hospitals are creepy... it reeks of decay. [physical and mental] My grandma has completely lost her mind shes become paranoid and think my aunts and uncles are dead and that people are going to capture us and take us away and yet she STILL has the energy to pick on my mom =_-.

Anyway after a little while we left. We were supposed to watch the movie with Kitkat as well but she was too tierd and phoned us again a little later and we went to a chinese resturant and ate a really nice dinner then went to a bubble tea lounge and talked some more. This time people where speaking in english so it was a little better ^^

And so that's my Christmas for 2009~

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Richmound with Shawna, Jinny and Link

In the morning Jay woke up and left sometime, and Shawna and I got semi ready and headed over to my place. We fixed up our hair using REAL hair spray [Shawnas is in a squirt bottle.. NEVER trust hairspray thats not in a aerosoft can! ] Then we ate some pizza pops to save money for lunch. We headed downtown to pick up Jinny and went to richmound so i can drop over another resume.

After I droped off the resume we walked around the malls and ate some dessert at aberdeen food court. Link later joined us and we went to parker to take purikura. I then called Clement about his text message that i received while we were in the food court. He was wondering if i was free to hang out with him while he picked out a secret santa gift at metro. But as much as id like to see him, I was already out with my girls and metro is so far from where I am, so i declined the invite.

The purikura turned out soo damn cute! I love that machine! But by now, Link was getting super hungery. Jinny and Shawna decided to head back home and Link and I went to a ramen shop in parker. We caught up over ramen. >w<~ the ramen was also SOOO good! I had scallop ramen.
After that, i wasnt really feeling up to going home yet so i accompanied him to metro because he needed to change his phone plan at fido. I ran into an old classmate and we talked while her bf inquried on some phones and Link changed his plan. Anyway after that, Link drove me home. I had a pretty fun filled day. It just so happens that the next day i find out that Clement ended up at richmound because his friend had to do something and i ended up at metro LOL

Monday, December 21, 2009

Robson Square Skate Rink and Karaoke

rested on Monday and then out again Tuesday. I got invited out by Hao to go meet up since it was his day off. We met up in downtown and walked around a bit. We saw the skate rink at robson square and decided to go skate around =3

It was a bit of a long line but we made it through anyway. I haven't skated in yeaaaaaaaars! We had a lot of fun circling around the rink. I always always worried he would fall. I think his skates were a bit too loose so he kept tripping but it was me who wiped out in the end when my skate hit a piece of ice that was sticking out. I fell once again.. flat on my face -_-lllllllll whats up with the injuries this past few days? first the deep cut from a box at shu uemura, then the scraped knees now this. I think i bruised my knees...

I was fine, really.. but for some reason the fall totally disoritated me. I felt dizzy for 10mins after. Again prob becuase im still sick. He took care of me while i was @@;;; we decided to visit Shawna about the details of her karaoke meet after and then we headed to guu for dinner.

I havent been to guu for awhile i really enjoyed the food. I invited Hao to come karaoke later as well. As we were walking after dinner he decided it would be akward for him so he will just walk me to pender and davie and then head home. The walk there he said had a nice atmosphere.

After we had reached the destination, we huged and parted. I met up with shawna and went to Jupiter Lounge. The interior seriously looked like a host club. LOL but the karaoke was not on that day so we headed off to another location with her friends. And yet again this place too didnt have karaoke that night. We then decided to go to Fantacity.

We had a lot of fun singing karaoke even though i didnt realized til late that my songs werent going through so i only got to sing 2 songs. T_T

Still hyped, Jinny, Shawna, Jay and I went to breadgarden to chat for awhile. I showed Jay some of my Jp photos and talked about random things. After that, it was too late for Jay to go home so we all crashed at Shawnas. Its really nice how we can just stay over since Morito isnt around right now.

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Lolita and Mei's Xmas Party

Its been awhile since I wore Lolita and now is the time for the Annual V.E. Xmas party. The plan was to go ice skating in robson square and have potluck at Viki's. Just before, i found out that Mei's party is on the same day...

I woke up on time actually and got ready on time just that the bus happend not to show up =/ So i arrived late. But everything was ok because Shadan was driving us. We arrived at the rink on time but the rink wasnt open due to ice not freezing. It said to come back at 2pm. Meanwhile we took some pics with santa.. which.. i dont know where i put that picture btw.... oh well.

Then we walked around Pacific Centre and such. It was raing like crazy I was worried about my hair. Because of the intense rain i wasnt too much of a mood for taking many photos. We met up with martin and is gf a little later. Viki was a bit miffed that his gf didnt dress in lolita....

We ate lunch at the vancouver art gallery but by now im running low on funds so i decided to just have a glass of water and wait for the food later on.

Shadan's car can only fit Viki, her bf, herself and I. So martin and his gf stayed in downtown to wait for .... viki's pet to arrive [his name slips my mind at the moment]

We... happen to be very crappy at directions. We stoped off at safeway to buy a log and then eventually ended up at viki's house after much confusion no thanks to viki and my directions LOL. Because we were so lost, martin and the others arrived shortly after and we ate some food by the fire.

At around 730 i decied to head off to Mei's party. I gave Jeff a call to tell mei i decided to come. He happend to be close by so he picked me up and we all went to mei's house [beats the bus ANYDAY.. soo much rain T_T ]

We arrived on time all the food was being set out on the table. The twins david and timmy were there too. I havent seen them since AE. I met the rest of the people there and sat down to a very very delicious xmas dinner. Everyone listened to Mei and brought real food. There was soo much good food i didnt wanna stop eating but i could only fill so much in my stomach. On my side fo the table we had a very interseting philisophical converstation going on. I find philosphy quite interestinga and was happy i could participate with some of the knowledge i gained from phil classes during the summer summester.

Afterwards everyone played smash bros and I watched. [I like watching vid games rather than playing] Mei really got into the game and shouted here and there. It was fun watching everyone play =3. After that, we went on to the secrete santa exchange and someoen recived a plush ram. I took a picture with it because im an aries XD. We then tried some American style karaoke... but sadly.. we all failed at knowing any of the songs HAHA.

It was getting late and after having a pleasent conversation with Mei. Jessie drove me home since she lives close to Joyce. I had a very fun time, although i think i fogot my umbrella... =/

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Up In the Air with Clement -after fall at bus stn

So after an eventful friday night, i woke up sometime late morning afternoon to Clement's text message asking if i was suffering a hangover. [the night before after i threw up he sent me a message asking if i was free the next day to see a movie] I never get hangovers i replied.

Later that day, we decided to meet at Oakridge mall since we can go anywhere from there. I tried my best not to be late because sunday buses are super sparce. I saw the #41 as i got off the #28 and i ran for it. Its normal for me to run in 10cm heels. No big deal.. however, today there was constrution. I was at first running on gravel and thought i should switched to pavement before i scratch my boots... this was my mistake. while switching i suppose my shoe got caught half way in transition and i sliped and fell flat on my face... it didnt help my skirt fliped up. =_=l such a classic anime moment. I seriously didnt think those situations were possible. I was soo embrassed but mostly concerned about the bus leaving without me. A couple guys helped me up and i made it on the bus.

I sat down and looked at my knees and worried about my chin [cuz i think i scratched my face] I checked my reflection in my mp3 player and was relieved it didn't seem to be any big scratch. I looked down as the blood was really starting to come out. My concern then was like FUCK NO! not my boots. I scrambled around and got a piece of paper to stop the blood before they stained my new boots. A lady gave me some tissue, another gave me alot of baby wipes. I managed to clean my self up and stop the blood. Some sporty guy gave me band-aids! Wow its like a communial first aid kit! i was happy to be all patched up >w<~ it reminds me of the time where those people helped me with my luggage on my way back to van from narita.

Clement seemd to have missed his bus so i wandered around Oakridge for a bit before he arrived. When he did we had trouble decideding where to eat and what to watch. After a awhile we decided on Whitespot and look at the theatre downtown for movies. We talked over dinner. I surprized to hear he liked my teeth? LOL! [a certain someone said the same thing when i first met that person too]

After dinner, we went on the canada line to downtown and checked out the movies. We decided on Up in the Air and paid for our tickets. Apperently my coupon was good for 2 people, drink and popcorn! so we both go in for free XD and got to share some popcorn.

The movie was GREAT! I loved the witty humour to it all.

We then went back on the canada line to 41st where he waited til my bus arrived and then parted afterwards. I completely lost track of time. It was actually past 1230~! but its ok, I love not having to care about time since theres isn't any school/work this winter holiday.

Friday, December 18, 2009

Outbreak Bandshow

It's been awhile since my friends had a bandshow, so going was more or less like a big reunion~ I decided to try out a rock-kei gyaru outfit this time with my cona blue shirt and golds infinity skirt. I added some rocker acessories and did my hair more edgier.

As i walked to Tom Lee i peeked through the window of Shawna's workplace but couldnt see her so I kept walking. Upon arrival I saw cool looking guy by the elevator. I wondered if he was in one of the bands that i didnt know. It felt a bit akward luckily Saya was also in the elevator so i turned my attention to him.

When we arrived at the ticket table saya went in and the other guy and I were asked if we had reservations. I said under Kai and he said under Jin. There was a bit of a confusion but it seemed to work out fine and said "30 dollars" please. What? I suppose they thought we were together. We just exchanged glances and put down 15 each.

As soon as I entered the live room, I spotted Rhoda, and exchanged the print she ordered for the money. I talked to her for a bit and then moved on to talk to everyone else. The show started shortly and I surprized to see xenders to be first.

A little later, noticing that the guy from earlier seemd to be with Jin's group we ended up introducing eachother. I also got to meet Pon, Icy's boyfriend from Japan. We watched the rest of the show but left a couple songs into the last band. We decided to all eat dinner together. Sally and I went in Kai's car and the rest bussed.

We all [xenders/jono's band/thier gfs/and friends of the bands ]ate dinner together at a small izakaya on denman st? Icy, Pon, and Kai were speaking in Japanese on one half of the table and Jin, Cat, and Clement were speaking in english. I was sitting kinda in the middle so i was listening/joining in on dif parts of each convo but mostly stuck to english.

I dont know why but 2 glasses of beer didnt sit well with me today.... After dinner, we all moved to Kai's house. Everyone drank more and Jin, Kai, Clement, Pon were all becoming like bros. I stuck to water, dont know why but as i said it wasnt sitting well.

Jin kindly drove us all home.... however sometime between clements and icy's drop off.. i threw up.. in the car.. i was soo embarassed.. T_T;;;;;;;;;;;;; the thing is i can normally tell if im gonna throw up but i dozed off and woke up throwing up. gawh.. i was soo upset with myself. I felt really bad... Jin seemed to be very calm considering.. but I know its definatly not good. T_T

I got home and slept and as usaul fine the next morn. ^^; Must be because im starting to get sick [cold]

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Hapa Interview, Yuta and Shawna

I woke up in time to get ready for the job inteview i have today but choosing out an outfit was what took all the time. =/ I finally decided on a black dress my mom has for business.

I managed to get there RIGHT on time. It didnt help that i passed it on the bus and had to run all the way back up the hill in heels. At the interview it was quite relaxed and quick. But they said they reached max capacity for dec trainees and they will contact me by Jan or something =/

Yuta sent me a text and so did Link to meet up. I called back Yuta first and he was wondering id like to hang out for a little bit. I said i first have to call back Link because hes been asking for awhile. By this time it was already around 5 and Link had a dinner at 7 so I called back Yuta. We met up around granville station and made our way to a starbucks and caught up with eachother over coffee. We then went to Sears and met with Aika and her friend and talked for a bit.

Yuta had to go back home back home for dinner beause his roomate's mom is cooking Karrage XD Sounds SOOO GOOOD!! omg XD . I then made my way to Shawna's workplace because we were supposedly going clubbing tonight. She gets off in one hour. I only hanged out there for about 5mins and her manager yelled at her for having her friends there. -_-ll oh wellz, so i waited around and went to different stores along ganville to pass time.

The addidas store had some sort of promotion going on and i got to drink a glass of wine while browsing XD. I normally dont like wine at all but this shiraz from australia was soo sweet it tasted actually pretty good.

At around 9? i met up with shawna and we decided just to chill because she wasnt feeling up to clubbing. We went to konbini and picked out our $2 dinners XD and made our way back to her house. We caught up while eating in her room and i ended up sleeping over.

The next morning we got ready and i was looking at her wardrobe and tried on her kigurumi XDD it was soo cuute!

I then walked her to work and headed home.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Club House and Bevan

Today I met up with Danh, one of my highschool seniors to go to ClubHouse. Its a volunteer based language center were you get english speakers and japanese speakers paired up and we each teach eachother english/japanese. Before hand Danh and hanged at starbucks and caught up over coffee.

We arrived at the language centre and began our lessons. I had alot of fun and learn some new words. I found it was great excercise and if i went often enough i might be able to to become fluent quickly but we shall see about time.~

Aftewards Danh had to go do something which was unexpected so i was left without plans. I didn't really want to go home because I've been home all semester so i rode the skytrain with him til his stop and started to call Link and Bevan. Link had to go to work but Bevan was just getting off. So we decided to meet at Granville station.

I got there a bit earlier than him so i went to sephoria and touched up my makeup. He came and we walked around robson. I showed him some of the dresses at Marciano and he bought me one for my Xmas present XD made me soo happy. Then we went to Hapa Izakaya since i have an interview tommorrow there i wanted to check out what kind of place it is.

We caught up over dinner and such and enjoy the many little creative dishes at hapa. It tasted quite good. We then headed back and it started to rain. Since I left my main purse in his car, i didnt have my umbrella with me so we went into London Drugs to pick up an umbrella and computer mouse that my mom requested.

We ended up walking throgh 4seasons and took a couple pics around the xmas trees and the little snowglobe xmas tree in front of the Imac store in pacific center. He then drove me home =3

Though on a side note i think i caught a cold from the rain -_-;

Monday, December 14, 2009

Finally Winter Holidays!

Well... Im jobless at the moment. -_-ll my stupid boss didn't like me switching around my schedule every semester i suppose... So she let me go. I'm currently looking for a job. Meanwhile an intenet relationship also just ended recently as well. Long, complex story thats not really worth the energy to type it all out LOL. So jobless, loveless and a half dead social life. Yep nice start.

But with all this free time with no job and no school and no online boy to talk to = 100% working on reconnecting with all my friends. On the Monday I went out to see Viki to get my hair done. First we went to the hair supply store and picked out a straightning iron, since i broke mine earlier this season, and to pick out a hair color. The last hair color was done in the salon so we couldn't match it exactly. We decided to experiment and picked a beige color lol~ seems like differnt shades of foundation. haha

Afterwards we went to Army and Navy to buy some glue and the studium "daiso" to pick up a folder and stuff for her hair portfolio. Then we took a walk around robson and looked at many shoe stores and checked out marciano by guess. We tried on a few different dresses. I was so surprized to see how my figure looked in them. They were made for hourglass body shape. I usually always wear baby doll dresses because im a bit concious about my figure but i looked really good in these XD too bad they're $200 -_-;; broke ass syndrome strikes again.

We then headed towards Viki's house and it started to SNOW! omg, i was frozen like an iceblock because i was only wearing a one piece, boots and long sweater. My feet were also hurting alot because my new boots are quite uncomfortable.

We got to Viki's house by around 830 and began the process. My hair for some reason wasnt catching the bleach properly this time. Maybe it was because im too cold or something. So the result was a tiny bit more orange than usaul and we bleached it out again and so on. After we finished we sat down to some cup noodles and looked at stuff online while my mom came to pick me up but got lost along the way. She was a bit mad at me for taking so long. ^^;

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Gen's Bye Bye Party

Recently I had tried to make a point on making it out to big events because I have been shut in my house too much due to school. Even though I end up paying for it later with all-nighters and such, I feel like im going insane without human interaction.

I also worked today so I rushed back home and fixed my hair. Luckily I had Cat's number from Anna's lolita party earlier this year. I managed to find everyone and was just in time for dinner. We ate at Daimasu near metro.

It was good to see everyone. I felt that there were 2 generations here today, the older and hte younger. LOL or rather it felt more like highschool and post secondary. Its obvious who is in postsecondary due to everyone looking SUPER tierd and the highschoolers still being bubbly and energetic. *sigh* i miss having that amount of energy~

Near the end of the dinner Gen made a speech and was able to recall how she met every single on of us and we gave her a going away card that we all signed. Afterwards we took some photos outside of the resturant and then headed back towards metro to maybe catch a movie.

Most people had to go home but I still wanted to take some purikura with Gen since i havent before. It was sad to see her go and it was too bad i didnt get to hang with her more while she was still here but i hope her the best of luck on the other side of Canada ^^

Saturday, October 31, 2009

Halloween Saturday

After work I quickly made my way back home. I decided on having a more relaxing halloween since friday night took alot of my energy already haha~ I changed into Rima and Link picked me up and we made our way to the party.

It was a cute little house party. I dont think ive been to one of those since highschool. lol at first I wasn't sure what to do since i dont know anyone but later things picked up when we started to shoot fireworks and play games.

We took alot of photos and had a hot eating contest which i won XD. I had about 5 shots but i guess because i was eating candy along the way I didnt really get drunk. The toughest part was trying to keep awake because im so tierd from the night before.

We were supposed to be attending to another party where the drinking was going to be much heavier but I was too sleepy and went home around 1am. XD

-note: LOL I'm soo short compared to everyone else~ XD

Friday, October 30, 2009

TENKA Halloween Friday

Halloween Friday Night~~~

I should have known.... haha. Well if anyone has ever been to a Tenka event, it never starts on time. So we decided to go at 10.

While getting ready my my mom was in teh bath while i was doing my hair.... Everytime i puffed it up it fell down. I curled it and it uncurled faster than i can curl it. I was confused and didn't know why. I took a break and ate my dinner and realized it was the steam from the bath that was making my hair fail. LOL

So, i finally make it. It was cold and rainy and there was a line. No prob right? we were #7 and 8th in line. But apprently it was already full!!! it hasnt even opend for 30mins yet.

30-40mins later they finally let in 5 people. Just our luck it was stopped at us. We waited til 12 something to get in... It was soo freezing cold... the bouncers were pissed at the owner being there because the owner wont allow more people in. We chatted with them for awhile to pass time. We finally get in once nearly all the dance showcases were over lol.....

When we got inside, I found Monika~ Monika then introduced me to Shunichi and we talked for awhile. Shortly after there was the costume competition. But unexpectely it was also a dance competition. I don't know how to dance XD i was nervous.

The night went long and I had so much fun~ Monika invited me out for halloween saturday but I had already made plans with Link.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Thanksgiving Weekend

Hey Everyone~ Been a bit... or rather VERY busy since school started. I almost have no life T_T heelllllllp!

So I finally able to relax. Actually I think I'm only able to relax if i dont check out what homework i have hahaha. This weekend was the long weekend. I stayed home on the friday and monday. I spent all day friday, sat night, all sunday night and all day monday talking on msn with Dyu haha. So I guess i spent the weekend with him mostly.

I also went out with Viki on Saturday after work. After i got changed I headed to Pacific Centre to meet with Viki. We went to the bay to get her makeup done by YSL event. The guy who did her make-up sure liked to chat haha. We got some free water with YSL label. After the makeup was done, Viki was not happy with it so she didnt buy anything.[my hair that day. Thx to Dyu's advice, it was sucessful but it fell down a little later =/]

We then went to Sephoria to fix it up. LOL just like gyaru to use tester makeup to make LOL. I was taking a look at some of Sephoria's line of eyshadows and such. I tried on a couple sparkle powder things. Looked very cute. A lady liked how I did my makeup and I gave her a bit of a makeover. Too bad the store was closed. I think they would have had some good sales after the makeover. lol.

We then met up with George and went to eat at a korean resturant down robson street. The black sauce noodles were very good =3

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Back to School Club Event

Yeah.... It's that time again. Back to school! club event by envy. Dresscode: school uniform. However just like Vancouver for only 10% to dress in the actual theme.. losers lol.

Usually envy events tend to be just fine but this one was just not. Something didn't seem to be right =/ Maybe too many CBC and not enough international. I was so super bored at the club. I think my way home was a little more interesting haha.

Shawna and I left around 130am ish. We went to the bus stop and met a tranvisite. He/she was a very natural looking one. At first we though she? was just a masculine looking woman. Very fun to talk to haha.

It is my first time taking night bus home so i seemed to be a bit lost to where to get off. While waiting for the 19 bus, I ran into my co-worker and Daisuke [i met at the last TENKA event] Dave thought i was hitting on some random jp boy but nooooo I know him lol!

It seemd that i missed my bus because of timing was off? Dave offered to let me stay at his place so i dont have to wait for 30mins for the next since i was so super tierd. But i decided no. And lucky enough, another bus came really soon. Odd... buses are soo wierd

I finaly get home at around 3:30am =_=.. gawd I dont wanna take night bus again. Crowd is a bit scary and it takes sooooooo long!

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Summer End- TENKA + BBQ

The end of summer was quite an eventful one. Sunday was the last event for the year for Tenka. I went with my friend I met from the last Tenka event, Mei. When I arrived it was already packed! So many people~~ Mei introduced me to all her friends. There were so many~~

We watched the dance and performance showcases and I was soo amazed! The show was super awesome. I'm glad I didnt drink any beer, because there were shots after. I don't know how people drink beer and do shots after. Never been a good mix for me. I met many people and got drunk after 5shots + 2 drinks. I was soo happy talking to everyone and dancing the night away.

Though, nearing 3/4 into the night i triped over a set of mini stairs from the side. They were black and the floor was black and there were no lights there. I stepped backwards and toppled over. I ended up with a big bruise on my theigh T_T. But it didnt really hurt. I think I was more surprized than anything. ^^;;

I partied all night and returned home late in the morning~~ haha Its been a while since I partied like that and it was goooood

BBQ @ 3rd Beach

I was supposed to meet my father for lunch on Labor Day Monday. However, I could not wake up very early and my friend invited me to a BBQ. [I did not style my hair because I was in a rush as well as it was very styled the night before i feel like it needs a bit of a rest] Because my dad could not stay long anyway, he drove me to the BBQ. There, I met a guy from Sapporro named Toshiya and I finally got to meet this gyaru that I've been seeing everywhere, named Monica. She's soo very cool.

The BBQ was going smoothly and I had alot of fun with very great food. I mostly chatted with Toshiya. He also liked visual kei so we had lots to talk about.

About mid evening, a fight broke out. A Japanese man who had drank to much apparently started to fight with another man for no reason and all friends got involved as well. The police came but lucky we were able to get rid of all the trances of beer from our party.

The police were very mean and came with a shot gun. They arrested a couple guys and shut down our party. For what reason I don't understand. They were very sturn in getting us out. I feel that cops here are power hungry.. and that's why they are soo mean.

We all disperse in cars and met up again in downtown. We wanted to eat an izakaya but they were packed so we went to a Korean place instead. I was not hungry so I just drank some more beer.

At the end of the day, Monica drove me to 41st and Oak because thats where she lives and i can take the 41 from there. This way I could chat longer with Toshiya and Monica. I had alot of fun ^__^

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Lingerie Party

Last Friday, I went to a Lingerie Party. I always love events where if you dress in the theme you get free cover. I went with my friends, Shawna, Lincoln, and Bevan. To avoid cops, we took the taxi down to the club and picked up Shawna along the way. It took a while for the club to fill but of course being that is Club Fabric, it did eventually fill up all the way.

Unfortunately, not many people dressed in the the theme =/ Oh well, I guess I wasn't really expecting they would. It's Vancouver after all, people are boring haha or maybe just have too many boring clothes in their wardrobe they don't have room for interesting clothes hahaha.

Around mid way, Bevan and Lincoln had went off somewhere for about 5mins. About 1 second after they left our side, we got invited to shots. Wow that was quick even for me. When they returned they were like ohhh wow that was soo fast we didn't know where you went.

Of course club night also means to scout out for cute boys, not much there but that was also expected. Though I did see a bunch of pretty girls and I also ran into Ran and danced with her for a bit. Later on, I ran into Howard~ wow long time no see!

At around 130 we left the club to get some food. I was craving gyoza for some reason. We went to Bubble World off of kingsway. and YESH they have gyoza!!~~ lucky! Link ordered beef stew and totally didnt know why hahhaa...

Friday, August 28, 2009


On tuesday I went to the PNE with my Mom, auntie Shirley and my little brother Patrick. It was on special that day because anyone who is a member at my bank gets in for only $5.00 and can bring a friend for the same price.

There really wasnt much to do there but I had fun anyway because its alot of my childhood memories. We went to the marketplace first. There were some interesting things beign sold. I was kinda into the real hair extension sets for only 140 for a set of 7 pieces I think. Great deal, but I'm kinda broke ^^;;.

Patrick and I then went to the Barn where we saw various animals. I saw a bunny with a fur that looked like black eyeliner, and a pen with my name on it hahaha. Afterwards we went to the petting section and Patrick was amused how fat the goats were. After that, we watched the pig race. You wont believe how fast pork runs!

Visual-kei bunny!

Apperently this is my pen lol
little bro pinching goat fat
This is as close to a farm as I'll get

It was about 730 so we went to the main stadium to watch the Superdogs! I love the superdog show. It was the highlight of the evening. There was one wippit [simular but smaller than a greyhound] I love how fast and graceful it runs. [he sorta reminds me of Ryuu]

Afterwards we then walked around and ate some mini doughnuts. The rides were not inclusive so we didnt go on those, but we walked around them. Then we all went home.

Monday, August 17, 2009

Transit Adventure with Hiro

The start of my day was a 2 hour night's [morning] sleep [more like a nap =_=] and up and awake for my Pyschology Final at 830am.

The test was pretty easy and i finished in 45mins. I headed home to freashen up and drop off my bags to get to downtown by 12:00. I grabbed a starbucks on the way. I met up with Hiro and we went to Richmound on the 98bline.

We walked around Yaohan then Aberdeen then Parker. He was very happy and awe-struck on how much imported products we have and how horrible the prices are. He found his favorite brand hairpsray in Aberdeen and was soo happy he bought it. He was also very excited about Daiso.

We then headed to Parker Place to take purikura. There's a new machine that has a glittery background it was soo cool.. and yet.. so difficult to use! We chose 4 pictures and got them printed. They turned out not bad since almost all of them caught us off-guard.

We then decided to head to my place. We took the 410 and then the 22nd st. station skytrain.. then the skytrain stopped. It was stuck there for at least 30mins. It finally started moving then stopped again at edmounds. The skytrain police came and said that this train is going back the way it came and that we had to get off if we were hoping to go west.

We took the # whatever to Metrotown station [being totally squished and packed like sardines in a bus] We finally get to Metrotown and then waited in a long lineup for the 19th bus. We packed on to that one and then got off the stop closest to my house and walked to my place. We were so tierd we just sat and lay on my bed looking at magazines and photo albums and chat. [there was no where else to sit since my room is a chaotic mess.. i really didnt want to have anyone over when its like this. I havent cleaned it since April]

We finally decided to go eat dinner at around 10ish. We walked up to a place on kingsway but it was closed so we walked all the way to Metrotown because its not really worht spending the fare for just a couple stops. As well the temperature was perfect.

We ate at Daimasu, and got some Icetea and icecream on the house because a waitress there was my old co-worker. We talked some more. He said he really wants to transfer to Vancouver because its much more fun than L.A.

After we finished eating we walked back to my place so he can pick up his stuff and head to the skytrain before it closes.

And so concludes our little translink Adventure~

Sunday, August 9, 2009

TENKA Event Yukata Party

This has got to be the most clubbing fun I've had since I got back from Japan. I've actually been invited to Tenka events several times but for some reason i never ended up going. I'm glad I went this time!

The day started pretty slowly as i made my way to vikis and got there around 6. We prepared and took us awhile. Viki's friend was supposed to come with us but was busy so we bussed there instead. We were quite late but of course nothing ever starts on time so we were early LOL.

When we got into the club, we sat and waited for the rest of the people to trickle in. A guy then came up to me and said "Hey.. you're Shannon aren't you?" LOL apparently it was a Facebook person I was talking to. haha too funny. Byron bought us a round of drinks and we chatted it up for while. The place was getting pretty full so I decided to walk around.

As i was wandering around I found Haruhiko! I haven't seen him since we hanged out with Jamieson in Shibuya~ Such a party guy. I think hes only in town for maybe a week or so. He bought us a round of drinks and dammnn was that one ever strong >w< ! Up near the bar a guy named Cliff recognized Viki from Churchill and I recognized him from Kingyo! He was the one sitting next to us at the bar with another gyaru girl. He offered drinks too but Haru was already doing the round. I met his 2 friends Ryota.. and.. I think i forgot the other guy's name. They are both from Ehime~ I told them i knew where that was and they were really surprised and happy [its on shikoku island] We danced for a bit and on my way to the washroom I ran into Jamieson! Again, i havent seen him since we partied in Shibuya~ I only briefly said hi. After some more dancing I decided to talk to Haru. Viki stayed close to me she was really shy for some reason. So I went to ask Haru how has he been doing and LOL ANOTHER round of shots! this one is stronger than ever! The other two girls who had the same were saying ATSUI! ATSUI MAJI!~ and we chased it down with some cola. Cliff was around too and again too late for the drinks I think I had enough since i didnt eat anything since lunch. XD... I met the other two girls, Emiko and Kaori? They were really fun to talk to and we danced with them for quite awhile. I also met another girl named Mei and she was singing for this event =3 she was so kind too. We should club again sometime. Many photos were being taken and im grinning like an idiot and my japanese is rolling off my tongue with more easier~ yup I was drunk haha. The Yukata was quite restrictive which gave me an excuse to dance more lightly which was nice but eventually it felt a bit tight or I felt a bit tired so I stood off to the side and watched others dance. Behind me there was a guy who smiled at me as i did the same. (I'm always smiling like crazy when im drunk) His name was Munehiro. We chatted quite a bit mostly in Japanese and watched the dance performances. They were soo good. It was getting hot so we went outside to talk. It was 1236 by then so I decided it was time for me to head back so to catch the last train. Hiro's friend Tomo was also heading the same way as I was so I grabed my bag, said goodbye to viki and headed off. Hiro didnt know how to get to the Oak bus stop so we walked him there and tomo and i went to the train station after. I was talking to Tomo for a bit and somehow it lead him to ask about my ex and yea breifly explained he disappeared. He said heyy why not hiro? I think you two make a cute couple LOL. I was laughing. He said that Hiro said he thought he was very lucky that I talked to him. I asked why is that? He said because Hiro thinks you're very cute. Aww~ so adorable.

Sunday, August 2, 2009


Today Shawna and I went to English bay to watch the fireworks. I was quite late in meeting with her because it took me an hr to tie my obi -_-lll

I finally arrived around 5ish and we got ready for the fireworks. We then get a text that neither Bevan nor Viki can come thus angel and friends will not be with us either and link wasn't picking up his phone.

So it was just the two of us for a very long 4hr wait for the fireworks to start. We just fliped through alot of photos in our cameras to pass time and think of songs and sing along to them LOL

When the fireworks started it was soo exciting. I haven't watched fireworks for awhile. LOL China as always have some very unique shaped fireworks and everything was just amazing.

Afterwards, to my surprise the crowd wasnt too hard to get through. We were hungry so we stopped by Kingyo to eat some dinner. We ordered salmon cappacio, some spring roll thing, and ebi mayo. Our chef Kouji was very enthusiatic and very fun to talk to. For somethign speical he made something for us. He made spicey chicken wings with a really pretty message on it. Your happiness is my happiness. Do you believe in love at first sight? It was so adorable.

We agreed to exchange contact so we can teach eachother language. The meal was absolutely wonderful and we made a new friend =3

Friday, July 31, 2009

Van Elegance Anniversary #4- Melted dolls

First off, the last few days in Vancouver has been the HOTTEST it has ever been. Record making highs for Vancouver.

It was about 35C today. Though the lolita party started at 230, I still had to drop off my term paper at Langara. I woke up early and got ready for the party then left the house on my way to langara. The bus was packed and I had to stand next to a creepy guy that i see from time to time on the 49.

I finally get to school to enjoy a bit of the wonderful A/C before i headed out again to viki's house. The granville street bus was late... very late. again left out there to die in the heat. I arrived at Viki's at 140. I was already shiny and had to re apply makeup and add the finishing touches to my hair. Bevan and Link were already there.

We then went into Bevan's car and headed up to Sutton Hotel for our Tea. We arrived about 30mins late but others other than Joanne were late as well haha. We had a wonderful afternoon tea. A little after we were done our photographers showed up and we took a few photos inside the hotel and outside. Most of the party had to go elsewhere so it was Viki, Helena, Link, Bevan, and myself left and in addition, our photographers Eric, Tony and Oelga.

We then began our journey to Pacific Cetere were Viki had to drop off the yukata for ___? forgot her name at the moment. We wandered through Holt Renfrew, Sophoria? and then headed out to Shangrila. We hanged outside by the bamboo at the Shangrila and took many photos then went to Urbanfare for the A/C

Next on our plans was food. Tony and Oelga left at this point and we headed towards roboson street. We wandered through robson street to finally a korean resturant. I got ot try a nice egg drop noodle in soup. It was soo tasty. After that we headed back to the car and went home.

Looks like every anniversary we always burn off the sugar we ate at high tea with a wonderful marathon. And just like the 2nd anniversary, i broke my shoe again D=..

I was happy that Link and Bevan had loads of fun on thier first lolita tea party. Though, i do think some of the attendees should have made more effort in their outfits. This isnt an ordinary party, it is a formal one. Eroi cosplay fabric grade lolita wasnt quite up to par for VE anniversary high tea.

I had quite a bit of fun looking through the shops. Holt Renfrew had some really pretty fake eyelashes, very intersting to look at and i got to see some pretty spots like the shangrila's bamboo area.

And.. obviously.. IT WAS TOO HOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i thought i was going to get a heat stroke in my outfit D=... but it is improper to wear my kind of jumpers without a blouse.. I was dying D=..

Overall though, It was a great day. I had alot of fun =3

I shall post a link to the gallery for the event as soon as all the photos are uploaded ^_^

Friday, July 24, 2009

Yukata @ Nightmarket

Today Viki and I just received our yukata's in the mail. We decided to buy some things for our hair and go to the nightmarket in search for some acessories or something. We walked around downtown for awhile and went to this wonderful shop that had the most beautiful fake flowers. They felt so real. We bought a few and headed back to her house.

We then went along trying to figure out how to tie and obi. It was quite difficult but after awhile we figured it out XD Yay~! [The photo above is before styled hair]

Bevan arrived about 30mins before we were ready and when we were done we took some photos and headed out. We ate an izakaya in richmound~ the food was soo great.

We went to nightmarket and walked around and took some photos. We often got stopped by people to get a photo of us. Afterward, we went out for bbt and then hanged out for awhile and headed home.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Q1 with Link and Bevan

So, after work, I got called out by Lincoln and his friend Bevan. We were going to go to meet up with their other friends and stuff but they all ditched last minute. We ended up going to richmound to play pool. I believe it was my first time playing. LOL Link says I'm pretty good for a first timer though I don't think so LOL.

It was very fun to play although I do prefer to watch others play more. Playing with me the game seems to go on forever. We then went to bubble tea and chatted for a long time. I didnt get home til around 4am in the morning. Its nice to get out again~ I think I'm starting to come out of my shell a bit [the one i made since i got back from japan]

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Guu with Momoko

Today after school I hanged out with Momoko! Its been a very long time since we hanged out together. We went walking around downtown and just chatted alot. LOL the funny thing is we got hit on no less than 4 times, HAHA. It reminded me of how it was like in Shibuya. Cept, the boys arent as cute as the ones in japan but i suppose thats a given.

We eventually got hungry and went to Guu on thurlow and robson. Ate a few dishes and finished a pitcher of beer. Its been awhile since I drank. I had alot of fun~ =3

Friday, July 3, 2009

Gyaru Meet Up #2

We haven't hanged out for a long time so its time for some more gyaru fun. Lately I've notice that there are more of us in Vancouver nowadays but kinda spread out. So, heres another meet to bring us all together.

We all arrived roughly on time and we went shopping around metrotown then took some purikura. But unfortunatly Momoko and Yuuko couldnt stay long so by the time viki arrived, it was only shawna, viki and I. We hanged out in Metrotown longer then decided we should change locations.

We went to robson street to look around and maybe spot some cute guys? haha no, we didnt actualy see any but we did see a couple decent fashioned guys in konbinya. That gave me a little hope for van.. just a little.

We eventually ended up at starbucks to sit and chat for awhile. Viki had to go and shawna also had to go soon too. Luckily momoko phoned and said maybe she could meet me in downtown but later she then had to do something and i still didnt wanna go home yet. I haven't been out much lately so i didnt want the fun to end. Thus Shawna and I hanged at Shawna's place. We were both pretty starved but Morito hasnt come home yet. In fact he didnt get off work til around 11ish.

We met up Morito around davie? and got some chinese takeout to eat back at shawna's place. While waiting for my mom to come pick me up, we talked a bit about my trip.

Mom came and I went home tierd but happy. I should really get out more often

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Anime Evolution 2009

ahh~~ The local anime convention in Vancouver started early this year. Perhaps this was the main reason why so many people were so stressed, broke and cold this year. Anyhow, although sales were bad, I had quite alot of fun during the last moments of the convention doing some photoshoots. I miss photoshoots to be truthful~

Thursday- Pre-A.E. just like any other year, thursday is the run around all over town to get the last of what is needed for the convention. Unlike last year, I had to skip school for this. The day started late as I went to bed at 6am preparing the prints.

First thing i did was get change for my float at science world stn then prints at stadium, then A.E. pre-reg badge at waterfront, then i ended up walking a whole lot because i was a bit disorientated due to a different starting point and walked all the way to staples on.... well.. 8 blocks from granville street station, from waterfront. I picked up the display bord and the deathnote book there. Hurried home and got ready for the Masquerade ball. I wore my prom dress for this haha. It was nice to wear it again =3

Friday- cosplay: Misa Misa- Deathnote. This year is a tad different, I only had 1 costume per day, that took down my stress level significantly also, the fact we can store our Arist Alley supplies in that room so we dont have to lug it all over the place this year. what a relief. Sales were super slow and I was worried hopefully the saturday would be better. I went to the deathnote photoshoot, most people were kinda lost and we had difficulty finding everyone.

The main highlight of the day is prob the swimsuit contest. Jay did spiderman from DJ ozma n it was pretty cool~ but mom came 30mins early and so i didnt get to watch the rest of the competition.

Saturday- Cosplay: Rima Touya- Vampire Knight. Saturday is the main day of the convention and still sales were horrible.. I went to the Vampire Knight photoshoot and it was nice to do some serious shoots for once. Though i was baking n the sun in full costume -_-...

After artist alley i met a kaname and zero and i hanged out with the for the night, We took some photoshoots again. And since there was no Shiki a wierd pair Rima X Kaname appeared -_= SOO wrong oh well.

We went to the rave and it was quite fun but my feet were killing me. I went home at 1am

Sunday- cosplay: Rima Touya- Vampire Knight. Originaly i was going to do Lolita or something for this day but Rima is much easier for the hair. The day started off early and I set up for my last day at the convention and last chance to make any money. I surprisingly did the best on the last day.

Aside from the table things, i did manage to sneak out to the doll meet up. Personally I thought it was kinda boring. The dolls were not impressive at all. I dont want to be rude, though honestly, dollfies are beautiful but what makes them impressive or not is how thier owner styles them.. none of them had any good style =/

Afterwards i raced back to my table to finish off packing up and things. I went to visit centi but she was too busy to even remember me T_Tl Then i headed up to the top floors to meet up with my to-be-shiki. But they were doing a very very long... kuroshitsuji shoot.. It took forever i wanted to sleep D=...

We did eventualy get to doing the photoshoot and really, it was the most fun I had all weekend! It made me remember why I loved cosplaying and going to conventions in teh first place. It was the serious character role play type photoshoots that i loved the most. Im sick of large photoshoots with mutiples of the same character in whatever group photos.

Though I was wanting more, I had to go. I went with my mom to a bbq IN COSTUME D=.. it felt a little wierd. There i met a new person named Wendy [not the same Wendy that is my mom's business partner] She was a figure skater coach. She was acutally quite hard to communicate with. She goes from topic to topic too fast... and then say "you hit it right on the nail" and yet WHAT did i hit right on the nail is what i couldnt understand LOL. But oh wellz, she was a nice person, just a little hard to keep up with haha. I was also quite tierd.

And so ends AE 2009 with a big whooping profit of $200.00 =_=l.... (as you can tell im being sarcastic.. sales were horrible better luck next year? =D?)

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Kat's Bday Party

My mom's good friend Kat, had her bday celebration~ She is a very flamboyant lovely lady. We hanged out maybe only a couple times. She maybe a bit older than my mom but she acts like a youthful 18yr old.~ Her bday party was quite splendid. The food was wonderful as it always is with her. I got to meet a friend of hers, karren. We spoke alot about japan during the celebration. There was also karaoke and speeches the whole night was very entertaining.

Friday, May 29, 2009

Night Out - First time bored at a club

I've been feeling like my life has gotten boring and well I suppose I let it get that way. I was feeling quite down still but decided I should to to the club to spice things up a bit. Maybe getting out will busy my time and have me occupy my mind with fun things. Spending too much time alone results in alot of reminiscing and depressing thoughts...

Anyway, Tonight I went out to club fabric with my friend misato and her friend Ming. As almost always for fabric, there was alot of people lined up oustide. I heard someone say "You're Shannon right?" Oh yea~ how did he know? [it was a host kei looking guy] He recognized me from facebook after a little bit more looking i remember who he is too. Appearently, Im very easy to spot because i look just like the my photos according to him. Seeing someone dressed decently gave me a bit of spark of hope that maybe tonight might be a good crowd.

This was a strange night really. We started in on random shots i cant even remember what i was drinking but i already had 5 shots and i wasnt even buzzed! what whats that? We hanged out in the Vip section for a little while but there werent too many people there, it was sort of boring. I danced a little and misato and i were looking out for maybe some cute guys.. MAYBE? no prevail. I was looking for the guy in teh line, he seemed to be the only one interesting but i couldnt find him. [ I later found out he decided not to enter the club]

We all were bored and decided to go home. This is the first time i was bored at a club. How lame....