Monday, July 28, 2008

Stranger In the Mirror

*sigh*... recently I got my hair done and it was blonnnddee~~~ just like it always was in highschool :P. Same color as my good female friends :3

Yea i knew it was a bit bright.. but i still liked it. After all, I've been blonde on and off but mostly on for 4-5 yrs or at least pretty much always a light color ... cept
once buti dyed it lighter in 1 month.

My parents were supportive of my light hair, and given that this is Canada i figured i can keep my hair like this for awhile but.. no.. my workplace doesnt allow blonde hair apparently.. SIGH

Thus I went to to Crystal Mall to buy some hair boxes so that it can be darker but not too dark. SO i went with an Ash color hoping that the ash will take out any orange and ill still keep my hair color light...

MISTAKE my hair turned this funny grey color in some parts and still very much yellowish in others. SOOO again to the mall and this time i couldnt afford to use any higher bleaching contented boxes thus i had to go with a dye without so much peroxide... =_=lll and so... my hair is fucking DARK.... =_=

My manager loved it. Mom said "shannon take off that wig it doesnt look real ". How i feel about it? It doesnt look ugly.... it looks pretty.. but seriously doesnt look like im me at all.. i feel like im starring at a stranger in the mirror....

[People who have known me for awhile, will know how weird this is to have dark hair]