Monday, May 5, 2008

Bag Search at Canadian Border

LOL this was hilarious, i dont get bag searched when i have a katana yet i get bag searched when i have such ordinary things inside XD;; hahah!

So the reason why the searched my luggage was cuz they asked how much i spent and i only spent 20 dollars in stuff bringing back [rest was on food], and like i was carrying a SUPER heavy suitcase. and then the guy was like did u travel alone and i did but a guy whom i ran into during the weekend ended up taking teh same bus but yea i still thought that counts as travelling alone...

and so yea he pulled me over and searched my bag. they didnt say anything but thier faces said soo much!

they asked me whats with the big luggage and i said it was a photoshoot and i had alot of clothes in there. they asked me if it was for bussiness but i said it was just for friends

so they began taking out piece by piece
its like ah-hah! a mysterious bag!! of shoes -_-ll Oh! another bag!~... of shoes.... and ANOTHER BAG!!~~ =D.. of shoes... =_=;

ohh i see ziploc bags!! of makeup.. ah! maybe something is in here!~~ more makeup -_-lll

ok.. so theres a skirt.. maybe stuff hidden inside... clothes.. clothes.. clothes.. SOO MANY FUCKING LAYERS OF CLOTHES 0_0~~~~~~

at the end they were kind laughing at themselves. its like its ridiculous how much clothes and shoes and makeup i had in there XD!~~

7 coats/jackets
2 yukatas
1 obi
1 bow
1 tie
2 pairs of boots
4 pairs of shoes
4 pairs of long socks
2 dresses
1 pair of pants
1 pair of shorts
5 magazines
1 deathnote
1 harddrive
4 chargers/wires
4 bags of makeup and hair assessories
1 flat iron
1 curling iron
1 hairdyer
1 bag of tolietries
3 props [heart, rose and teddy bear]

There was more but i think u get teh jist of it

inside my carry on, was 2 magazines, 1 laptop, a doll , a planner and a drawing book.

nothing out of hte ordinary other than the quantity of stuff XD but yea, a totall of over 1600 photos taken that weekend and we used everything in there! so yea :p