Monday, December 17, 2007

A disasterous work day

Today the Pantry fridge is working but not up to top performance so i had to take extra time putting back all the stuff at my station + regular set up. Also, i mis-calculated the amount of chips, tomatoes i had so i had to do it right away + everyday i have to make grill cheese crutons T__T. Luckily, my manager sent Issa to help me set up while i cut and fried the tortilla chips.

So the day was set back but maybe it wont be too bad, the reciver prep allan was on the slicer anyway so he did the mozza for me which was great. During the day the chowder wasnt hot enough and heating it up set me behind by 3 bills and things got chaotic so i had to ask for backup and the broil printer wasnt working so i had their copy of the bills spitting out on my side which made me panic because it feels like its 2x more busy than it isl. During the rush i yanked out the drawer too fast and the whole thing came out and droped on my foot [its metal] that hurt like hell, but oh wellz, suck it up and continue. Things started to slow a bit and allan was finished his prep so he offered to look after pantry while i go slice some chicken.... heres where it gets interesting

So slicing chicken i was happy cuz i dont have to be rushing around making salads... a piece fell away and i grabed it. i heard something slice and i was like wtf? i didnt put the chicken through yet.. FUCK it was my finger! so held on tightly to my finger applying pressure with my apron. running around looking for my manager. I said to my manger i sliced my finger and he was like 0_0 lets look at it, i let go for a second and it the blood just gushed out so i had to quickly close again. they got the gauze and had me hold my hand up above my head while they applied pressure.

Everyone around me was panicking while i was emotionless. no tears nothing. So we got a cab and with another emplyee i got sent to the hospital to get stitches. We didnt have to wait too long in the waiting area but i had to fill out a bunch of papers while i held the gauze on with the other 2 fingers. [i got cut on my ring finger on my left hand so i can still write]

They made me lay down on the hospital bed. I wanted to go to sleep cuz i was tierd but then they may think i fainted XD so i didnt. when the doctor came he injected freezing in my finger and then a medical student sewed me up. It was very interesting. Because they cant have a person loose circulation in the fingers they cant stop the bleeding. thus it was bleeding like crazy becuase she had to open it up, thoroughly clean up the wound then stitch. Then pry it open it again to sew it. she had to try a couple times because shes not as experienced as a doctor. so it bled more. Meanwhile i was just watching curiously. The nurse was feeling good that im calm but she was also worried because i was too calm XD;;; here she is stitching me up, im bleeding alot and im talking to her making conversation like a coffee shop asking questions about it. lolz

but yea, >.<

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