Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Dir En Grey- The Rose Trims Again [Adventures of Stalking Die]

Early morning rushing around trying to get everything ready for Dec 2nd Diru concert. I woke up at 630 and got ready and tried to do a hairstyle which i hadn't tried before and failed and ended up leaving the house with my makeup half finished LOL. We all [elle, rachel, josh, henry, and I] left for seattle at around 8:00am

Henry and I tried to study but it was kind of difficult we all ended up just chatting the entire way. We stopped by at the outlet stores but didn't really find anything of interest. We continued on to seattle and ate at a food court.

We arrived at the venue at 120-2pm but there was no line yet strange.. we went inside to ask about it and apparently there's 150 people ahead of us. 50 of which got tickets with a number on it and 100 of which were in the green room in which some of us couldn't wait because we were under 21 [fucking USA and their legal age thing >.>]

IT was super cold. Apparently some fans spotted Shinya, Toshiya and Die at the market. but they ran back quickly. When Victoria arrived we were talking and catching up and eventually she wanted to go get cheesecake at Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory [haha i used to work for them]. While we were walking two fans said "shh... die is over there don't scream, we dont want to scare them away". Victoria was a little offended by their tip because US? be fangirly speak for yourself fat badly faded ugly dyed otaku people.

But anyway viku and i went up to where die was but he was talking on the phone. We pretended to be looking out at the view and took a mini video of him. but this was not the last of our encounters with Die. XD

We got back in line after getting cheesecake and a little later die came out again with the translator nora. but no one else saw up but viku. However, Viku screamed and i was like 0_0what? and she said Die... but by that time a few other fangirls caught on. Viku was DAMMIT we should come up with a nickname for die.... die.. die.... i KNOW cheescake XD hahahahaa die the cheesecake LAWL.

Anyway now there were at least 6 groups of fangirls looking for him. He disappeared into the Pacific Market. But alas, we found them at the first starbucks. We passed right by them trying not to notice. and we were like kya~~ quietly to each other and thought omg, how do we approach them? We turned around and went fawk where did they go? and then the re-appeared again and went into a cheese making place. and we were like should we go in? yes no? no >.> @@;; nervous. Are they still there? They spent a good 10 mins watching cheese! LOL die you are worthy of the cheescake nickname. As we were almost ready go in.. more fangirls appeared but didn't seem to notice them yet. we were like >.>...... they exited when the coast was clear and walked across the street into a narrow section of the Pacific Market

Viku and i came up wiht a game plan. we are going to say die san. and she will put out her picture book and say onegaishimasu. then we are going to ask for a photo. OK YESH.. we walked to wards the narrow section but were still nervous. "ok, its die. hes just a famous person.. no hes just a normal person yes. we can do this. right? yes. "

we walked into the street and "lets pretend we are tourists looking too" [well i am a tourist nyway] but we lost them and went omg fawk.

so we just wandered around a bit longer and we found them AGAIN! and NO fangirls in sight ANYWHERE! 0_0l we were like ok go over the game plan again... 0_<>

Die left the store and walked around the corner and viku was totally like OMG OMG OMG... @@ll and couldnt muster up the courage to go follow. i was like u know what? we should do it. I pushed her around hte corner. and we were walking slowly behind them. and i was like ano.. [too quiet] ano... [still to quiet].. ANO... DIE-SAN?! [i wasnt shouting just like loud enough for them the faintly hear me.]

He and the translator turned around. [inside. KYA!!!!!!!!!!!!!] outside.. die-san.... viku put out an old photo book of theirs and said onegashimasu. and then after that, viku and i and die stared at eachother for like quite awhile. I was trying to ask viku for the camera... but i couldnt speak. he seemd to be waiting for us to ask for photo or something but we were silent. XD and he then he noded, smiled and turned around and kept walking. viku and i stood there for a few more seconds and then went around the corner and SCREAMED and huged eachother. The fruit guy laughed and smiled at us.

We returned to the line and rubed it in those bitchy otaku girls faces and we can totally feel the killer glare vibe and we were totally sucking it up.

Next bit, more of our friends showed up and we just chatted tons while i was freezing soo badly i think the tips of my fingers were turning purple. When it got close to the time i droped off my jacket at the car, and waited for another 45mins with no jacket. that was even more freezing.We finally got in and we got 4-5th row [it was standing live general area but u can tell how close u are to front.] Again waiting for another 5years for them to start. there was an opening band. as they were playing i started to push my way to the front. I made it to the 2nd row by they time they finished.

Dir en Grey started and i was still trying to get to the front, i had one hand on teh bar but as strong and agressive as we are, we had a problem because one of the people up front was a big guy in which we couldnt move, and then so i tried two girls. They were medium build i can take them on if they were fat, but they were not exactly fat as much as just muscle and fat. >.<>

The concert was super stuffy and i wasnt sure how long i could last but i was determined to stay the whole way. Toshiya' was soo handsome! I was standing where he was again. His new hair sucks but since its shaved on one side i can see his face soo clearly. It like he hasnt aged a bit. Kyo's voice was soo enchanting and surreal. I loved it soo much.

by the end of the concert we went to the goods table and I bought a t-shirt and cd so i can get into the signing line. THey only allowed cds to be signed that was soo dumb. I wanted them to sign something older. Kaoru and Die were signing. [Dammit toshiya why are u never there?!] We i saw Die again he smiled extra long and nodded. {it was like a recognition smile like hes like haha the girl from before]

We exited the venue and took a few pictures before we left. and headed back towards vancouver.

As a side note: DAMN seattle is sooooooooo wierd lately. I kept getting creepy looks from soo many black guys and drugged up looking white guys. It was so bad that everytime i looked away to avoid it i ended up looking in a direction where there was another one. it was happening all day and it was starting to piss me off after awhile.. AND apparently THEY DO have kinder surprize. but what was the most surprising thing is that thier "rockets" are called smarties and they dont have those chocolate smarties that we have wierd eh?