Saturday, November 8, 2008

Shuuya's Birthday

It just so happens one of the biggest doll meet ups yet in Vancouver happened to land on Shuuya's b-day =3!!! I woke up late unfortunately and was rushing through to get my hair and makeup done right so that we can look good together. I wore a jean skirt, my cecil mcbee top, black boots, scarf and puffed up my hair just a little. When we arrived there were already soooo many dolls! there was easy 30 grand worth of dolls right there. Shuuya kind of stood out cuz he has a custom wig and wasnt dressed casual nor fantasy but street.

We took lots and lots of photos that i have yet to collect and form a photo album. I also bought him a suit at teh doll meet up for his b-day. He kind of looks like Jui from Vidoll like that. We posed all teh jrockerish/"cool" type dolls on teh furniture and funny enough it looked like a band HAHAA. its soo awesome too bad the full group photos are on someone else's camera [mine was being disfuctional]