Saturday, April 12, 2008


LOL a fact about me most people may not have known is that i really like to eat eggs. Pretty much in any style, sunny side up, easy over, omelete, scrambled, pouched, soft boild, semi hardboiled. raw? [if it's safe] except hard boiled [where the egg yolk is cooked to its max.. and taste like powder -_-]

When i dont feel like eating instant noodles i quite often make eggs. Mom says im teh best at making eggs in our house. hahaha The other day i was making scrambled eggs and i had an extra egg left and decided to play with it. The pan's oil was almost all gone and it was really hot [i cook on high heat with oil NOT butter] so i cracked an egg on it and then spread the white very thinly and slowly peeled it off the pan on top of hte yoak before the top part of the white was cooked. and then slowly rolled it over and off the pan.

The result was a egg pouch XDDD with a raw yolk inside. [my first one looked kinda like a egg sac] I dont really know what to call it. Its kinda like a fried poached egg? It looks something like a egg pizza pop.

well tried it again the next day but only one was successful.. its really hard actually. too much oil results it being to slippery and wont have the whites stick to each other. being too slow results in the white cooking too fast and wont be able to stick to the pan when its fliped over. going too fast would result in the yolk breaking on u. if you break the yolk its over. and too little oil = burning.

So i tried it again today and guess what? 3/5 successful~~ yay~!

.. the plate is messy from the first 2 being messed up but heres a picture