Sunday, March 23, 2008

19th b-day

Anyway, My b-day is comming, I wanted to go clubbing at first but.. my b-day is on sunday and yea, no one really clubs on sundays. Anyways last min party not many people showed up but who did was Daiki, Johnny, Elle, Lauren, Erin, Mai, Kj, Clay? and Michelle. VI'X couldnt make it. it was a very odd 19th b-day but drinks were a must. It started off with Yao Yao feeling sick and so he couldnt stay but he came over anyway to bring me a present. I was quite happy for the people who did show up. We started off with pizza and such and then moved on to drinking games as soon as Johnny showed up. We played ring of fire while watching silent hill ahhah.. this is where it gets wierd. Daiki made a rule that people have to jump 3x everytime they have to drink. Ok, next J card Johnny made a rule that everytime that someoen drinks i have to drink. This is death for me hahah. We were playing with shots of voldka. Later Elle saved me by reversing it back on him.

By the end of the night i was hugging the toliet and Johnny had to be sent to the hospital for possible alcohol poisoning. We have always been competitive and always out to get each other but this time we kinda took it too far. Haha he got me but i got him back LAWL anyway everyone went with him except elle who stayed with me after i passed out. I was fine after being knocked out for a couple hrs. We prepared the cakes [Daiki baked me a cheesecake] and waited for the others to arrive back. My mother was not pleased with Johnny's attitude and acutally slapped him. She told me that i can never hang with him again for when it comes to alcoholic parties. My mother had a right to be unhappy, she spent some good money on that cake and really wanted to see me blow out candles but my party was ruined. It was ok though things happen =3

My 19th b-day became a bit of a alcoholic disaster but its alright 20th should be more tame or well I might not even be home for that one.

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