Sunday, February 17, 2008

Lolita Secret Garden Party

Today I went to Secret Garden for a lolita party. There I met some new people. I cant remember her name but the tall one was kinda of rude to me.. saying that my blouse should be fitted and seemed like she was talking down on my dress etc. The other new asian girl was very cheerful and emi was really adorable. After tea, I thought we will have a photoshoot but everyone had made plans after and viki was tiered. oh yea, I met her boyfriend too. He seems like a very nice guy. We took a few photos and since Khea's b-day is tmr I made her a banner and requested that everyone take a picture with it with me. I hope she likes it ^___^. Afterwards Emi and I hanged out. I went to her house to met her dolls. Apparently we have the same taste in music and yea, anyway we picked up her dolls and went to my place to pick up shuuya. We took lots of photos and many with her camera. Then we went to Metro took some purikura and more photos with our dolls. It was very fun. Then we went home.

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