Saturday, January 19, 2008

Kevin's B-day Party

His birthday party was held at Jason's house on E broadway. I came with Hideki, Sae and Akane I can't really remember much that happened except we played some games i drank a mix of stuff which gave me a really bad headache and eventually Hideki drove me home.

Thursday, January 10, 2008

A guy who could not remember my name

In japanese class today Hayashi sensei wanted us to introduce ourselves to eachother so we dont go through the semester without know who sits beside us. After 3 introductions Hayashi sensei picked the guy next to me named chris.

"Please tell me your who are your new friends?"

he points to me and this other guy.

"Just two? Well ill get you to make another one after this. What are their names?"

Chad... and Jamie??? [2 classmates beside me were whispering shannonnnnn~~~] Sally? Shirley?

"oh dear you dont remember her name. Her name is Shannon"

"ohh~~ Shannon, ohayogozaimasu" "Chris, ohayogazaimasu"

Ok ill get u to do the same thing with 2 other classmates and i hope you remember her name after.

[so he did it again, no problem with the oterh guys name and he had one difficulty with the girls name but got it after the 2nd try]

Ok what is her name?


0_0llll [class roars with laughter]

oh ahh.. [3 other names that were completely off]

=_= its shannon.

he finally got it.

Hayashi sensei : do you have a girlfriend?

ahh yes

Lets just hope you dont mix her name up like this otherwise you will be slapped.