Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Van Elegance Anniversary... Marathon!

OMG we walked SOO MUCH! it was something like this:

starting from after hightea at stanley park fish house: we walked from staleypark to robson and burrard. and from there down to granville and then to holt renfrew around pacific centre a bit, then through sears and then to robson square, then back to granville station to drop off a friend then to robson and took the #5 bus to a korean place, then the bus back and then to vikis house from the bus stop and then for me back from vikis house to the bus stop [6blocks? 12 in total?]

Hair: i was a bit late but it was ok, viki did my hair and we [tracy, viki and i in one bathroom] got ready hahaha it was a bit crowded. And... we also lost track of time and realizing viki's wording got a few ppl confused. we had to go to waterfront then to burrard to gather all teh people we were nearly an hr late. then... SHANE saw me i was like shit soo embarasseed -__ll he was laughing at me. >.<>

Fishhouse: I liked the hotel much better and the food was ok, but too little... tracy viki and i sat on one side and on the otherside in order of left to right was shannon, hilary, elle, martin and eric. Afterwards we met up with tony and then walked to blue ruby... my heel wore through...

We kinda went window shopping around downtown, and we made a trip to holtrenfrew its soo nice in there, and alot of hte store clerks gave us nice comments, espeically one makeup consultant. When describing it later my mom says she probally knows her LOL.

then we went to robson square and took alot of pictures. after that we walked eric to graville station and went to a korean resturant to eat dinner. martin and i couldnt take spicey food so we skiped on the kimichi hotpot...

after that i had to go back to vikis to retrive my stuff. at the bus stop some person asked if i needed a ride but i was like no. and i finally got home around 12... hahah

Sunday, July 1, 2007

Purikura with my bro


Today i met up with my bro vince hes only here for a few days, and we went to richmound for purikura and then to bubble world. and just chilled and he came over for dinner and it was just a good relaxing sunday. Tommorrow i plan to attend a bbq and then go to work... the first of a 5 day stretch YAY~~ >.> but then after that its Seattle!~ woot!