Thursday, May 17, 2007

Grad Week

ell continuing on with this hectic 4 weeks, i want to begin with saying that im pulling memories triggered by notes in my planner XD. but what i forgot to mention while this was all happening i was scrambling getting my slides done for AP art, and getting everything prepared which took alot longer than expected due to the fact that my teacher is a bit of a nut case and i have to constantly push her to keep her on track >.<>anyway lets continue

May 7-13

7 I skipped school becuase i was waaayyy to tired to go to school XD. i woke up at around 10:30 and i looked online to see what kind of hair i wanted etc, so i can plan accordingly what hair accessories to buy that took me until 12pm. then i ate lunch, and went groccery shopping with my stepdad, i needed to get ingredients for my chinese project. which is cook a chinese dish and present it with poster and give samples to class. I was going to make Tofu-fa. We spent literally all day looking for calcium sulphate T__Tl but couldnt find it so i made teh more solid style of tofu pudding instead of the nice silky one. I also spent alot of time hand gratting all that ginger and made the sauces myself.

8th day of the presentation, i used dolls as props. everyone loved my cooking. afters chool i went to costco to pick up a print of my miyavi picture, this is the ap
version so it wasnt pre-signed. I was 30mins late because my stupid class was held back a bit cuz they are immature and stupid [intro mandarin= mostly gr9s] so Kai was already there [burrard station] I gave him the print that had
Happy be-lated b-day Kai, i know you like this picture so turn over -> (also i wrote on the top special limited non-presigned version only 2 copies] i had it signed by hand with a gold pen. He opened and said he will frame it.

We walked to Robson and Thurlow, and ordered frappacinos, but couldn't find a place to sit, so we walked further down on thurlow closer to the water to another starbucks location. On our way the wind blew and i got leaves stuck in my hair =_=l i got most of them out though :3.

We sat down outside and i took out an extra container that i poured the rest of the tofu-pudding mixture into. it was in a lizlisa cloth bag with a pink ribbon tieing it together. and then i took out another tupperware container that had 2 sections to it with 2 spoons neatly wraped with a napkin each resturant style plus a knife. I cut it in half and put each half on each side and we ate it :3. He said it was really good.

While we were eating, we talked about hair and how he cant get his to stay up. "i cant see why, your hair texture should hold it together, i know mine cant because its quite fine/thin" "yea, if you dont mind, can i touch it?" "sure" he touched my hair and took a leaf out if it LOL!

After we finished eating, we went to rexals drug store. He was asking me about which eyemakeup remover he should buy. basically i went on to talk about removers, basic skin care and discussing makeup styles and whats suitable how to do it etc. then on to hair care conditioner,shampoo, hairdryer etc. then we went to a card section where he bought a mothers day card and a b-day card for his friend. and i bought a card for my mom too.

Then he walked me to skytrain. "Im glad you like my cooking" "I love your cooking~ " lol maybe i should learn how to cook more stuff. :3

may 9th- last preparations for ap and worked
may10th- Day of the exam, and worked

may11th PROM DAY!~~~!!!!~~!!
Starting off, no gr12 went to school that day. I woke up at 9:30 chatted for a bit, and then started to wash up at around 11ish? spent ALOT of time on my makeup, i put on 4x more foundation [used 2 dif types] eye makeup is hte same but more extra care and put on fake lashes, and added another shadow to it making it a total of 4 shadows used, then i glued on my fake nails that i took 1hr to make the previous day, also painted my toes

then i went to the hairdresser and the tw, hairdresser guy really liked my dress. my hair dresser took 40mins to do my hair. it turned out really really nice.

then we went to star photos to take my grad photos, and then off to chq to take a set of purikura with my mom

then after we picked out the ones we liked we headed off to prom.

I was the only one with a chines-ish styled dress and a full tiara. XD my dress was quite unique and alot of ppl commented esp my chinese teacher, textiles and art teacher loved it alot.

the first hr was everyone taking pictures and they had a hard time getting everyone inside to start the prom LOL. alot of different styled dresses, alot of short dresses this yr. some people came in limos and others came in limo vans with music pumped up soo loud the bass was vibrating the car.

When we walked up the stairs i kept stepping on my dress and my stelletors kept getting caught on it -_-ll LOL, when we got to the top, we took more pictures and eventually trikled into the ballroom. We found our tables and people gave shouts for thier friends as the grad slideshow showed each student of grad07 one by one.

They drew out table numbers for the order we went in for our food. As we were lining up there was this brown guy who was wearing a vest on top of his shirt and Pelle said "hey waiter!~ get me some food LOL" then he said "hey he look like a waiter eh?" and the guy said "shutup at least im the one with the food while you're still waiting in line" "true that"

At the table i felt a bit alkward becuase its all guys and they were toasting bros for life and im like er... LOL when we finished eating the dance started. It was really difficult for me to dance because of my dress was soo long.

It kinda went like so for the whole night dance-> cooled down ->dance etc. and one of the times i was cooling off, i met some other people. its funny, i didnt know most of the people there and i dont even think ive even seen half the people there LOL. I danced with some girls and didnt have anyone to dance with for the slow dance, but thats ok.

When it ended it was 12:30, we were all deciding on the after party but i wasnt prepared to sleep over anywhere. So i decided to go home. Matt also had to go home because hes sick and needs to sleep. On our way to the skytrain, some guys yelled out "congratulations on your new marraige!" it was pretty funny lol.

It was pretty fun, and it was really nice for it to be finally my turn to dress up. I defiantly made up for the lack of a prom dress at my last grad with this one :3. Thought it could have been more fun if i knew more people and if i didnt THINK my camera was running out of batteries.

12-13 i worked. And i found out that one of the cooks likes me. Hes kinda cute but i dont think we would have anything in common.

14 mom and i went to pick out frames after i got back my grad photos
15- moms b-day but i had to work
16- went out for moms celebration for her b-day we ate king crab and lots of other deliecious chinese seafood dishes. Also, during the day i fell asleep in the cafe on my free block. and i was woken up like so.. someone sat beside me and put his arm around me and spoke into my ear "whats up baby?" i slowly awoke and i saw my friend's face and of course not expecting such a thing to happen i kinda jumped LOL. then he ran off to another table with his other friend [one guy and one girl]

the girl told me to come over. and to sit next to my friend. and she kept teasing him saying that he likes me. and he was being really shy and keep denying it. This is a guy i found kinda cute at the beginning of the year, but i didn't think about it much after becuase i heard that the type of girl he likes is cbc but im not really a cbc styled girl even though i am one. Also at the grad dinner dance i kinda wanted to dance with him and the girl kept trying to get him to dance with me but i was a bit shy and he kept dodging it so i didnt think he liked me. so this was kind of unexpected. Also through-out the year, hes been trying to get a gf and hes a true "leo" and kept saying ok shes my new target sort of thing. i would have thought if he likes someone he would be more obvious. but out of everyone im the only one whom he never did that to.

Well ill will wait and see, because neither guys i really have stuff in common with. unless the honger guy asks me out directly, i wont do anything.

ToDAY- finally up to date. Today was a really nice day, so i went to the mall LOL in search of a photo album and memory note book. i just bought the book, im going to buy the photo album this weekend. After that i was bored so i phoned up my friend Justin and i hanged with him. listend to alot of music and talked alot, then played naruto abit and watched him play naruto. we started to tickle each other it was really funny only one other person could tickle me LOL it was really funny, i was at a bit of a disadvantage though, becuase i was wearing a short jean skirt, i had to use one hand to keep it down haha. [which i was successful in doing but not soo successful in tickling back] it was like a battle LOL soo childish but fun. and now im home and theres a spider next to me and it fell.. and i dont know where it is T___Tl

ALso today i found out the guy i like just got a gf 2 weeks ago. im happy for him yet, it means game over for me. Oh wellz, im a bit busy anyway, so its fine~

WOW guess what? now we are finally on TODAY hahahahaaa that just took a very long time lol

* * *

Monday, May 14, 2007

Racing Through 4 weeks of my life

o much has happened i don't even know where to begin. Sadly i probally forget alot of it.

I think ill just go chronologically according from my planner.

From the April 16th-22nd

16- After school AP exam filling out sheets in preparation for the exam

17th- my last day at Rocky Mountain chocolate factory and the interview in which i got a new job at Tsunami. I was allowed to leave on that day instead of the 2 weeks notice.

18th- Afterschool fashion show and first day of work at Tsunami. I was nearly late cuz of the stupid rehersal...

19th- Meet up with mom to meet accountant, but skytrain was held up. also she wanted to meet me at 3:30 and i was off early that day so i took the skytrain to sleep on it til it was my time to go. i decided to take the other way and loop around which took a lot longer than expected. -_-ll so i was late and yelled at and the same old "you could have.." stuff

20th-22nd worked

April 23rd-29th

23rd- Dance recital, i was reall nervous and i didnt tell anyone but mom about this, cuz i dont want ppl to watch me make a fool of myself lol, we had to sit through all the proformances the little kids were adorable one of them looked like a chibi version of cham LOL!~~

25th- wished kai a happy b-day and another rehearsal for fashion show

26th- taste of asia performance, got to see my friends Peng and John perform for the first time, it was not bad~ cuz of the pooring rain, my hair was ruined and the stupid women pushed us all out til the acutal time even after we got our tickets T__Tll i hate rain SO MUCH. XD but i got to hang out and get to know Peng's gf, shes acutally quite kind when you get to know her.

27th-went to costco to pick up prints for art ap

28- Read April 29th Entry [dental appnt., missed meet up and changed plans and last meeting with khea before she goes to japan]

29th- forgot i had work, but had to finish last piece for art ap

April 31st-may 6th

31st hanged with justin again cuz i was bored and i got to meet loretta that i already knew from jakie LOL small world we hanged in crystal n stuff and then i went home.

2nd-fashion show and art show at the same time. after school i set up the art show, then went home quickly ate dinner and headed to the shows at 6. stepdad worked on conciel stuff and didnt come -_-ll but thats alright i didnt care if he came or not. what was really great was both my parents were there. and my dad was really proud of me. that made me really happy. his smile of approvement is one of the most cherish able things. i took some photos and such :3 it was a very special day for me. also i saw elle there LOL it was surprising to see her on in teh audience cuz again i didnt tell anyone LOL im a bit shy.

3rd-6th i worked

ALSO on the 5th bought grad assessories and bought fabric
ALSO on the 6th got my grad dress and my purse dad had 2 new young boys as his students i really got to see a softer side to him. He was teaching them that whatever he teaches is thiers only if they can remember it. unless they remember, its still his, like if he swiped money in thier face have its yours unless they take it its not thiers. it was quite cute

May 7th-13th I will save for later to write about because my time is up LOL