Sunday, March 18, 2007

Dumpster Diving

OMG... It's almost too stupid to be true~

Normally when i take out garbage id swing it in with my right arm. Well today's happens to be a large black garbage bag full thus it was heavy... So i had to use two hands. BUT on my left i had my keys on a wrist band around my wrist, the garbage brushed up against it and flew in along with the garbage!!!!

after it happend i just stood there looking at my wrist and looking at the dumpster. I went like... FUCK! OMFG!!! shit shit shit i cant believe that happened!! of course i dont bring my cellphone while i take out garbage, so the first problem is trying to get back home. i thought of knocking on someones door to use the phone, but i was in an alley way its really wierd to be knocking on someones backdoor. Then i thought of the intercom~ so i went back from where i came but... there were alot of bushes and i cnat cut across. SO i ran up the the alley way and circled back to teh front of the complex. i intercomed in. thankgawd someone picked up cuz knowing my parents they dont usually pick up the phone unless theyre expecting someone or the caller id is someone they recognized. [plus mom was watching her only tv show that she watches once a week]

They were soo mad at me and mom gave me another lecture and guilt trip. -_-lll anyway equiped with pants from tomboy days work shoes with plastic bags on them, black t-shirt, and tied up hair, i went dumpster diving. i had to move about 3 bags of garbage and a bunch of stirofoam and fish through really dirty gross water to to get it.. =_=lll

Kinda ironic that the same day a really cute guy said i looked like a princess is the day i go dumpster diving. LOL!!

Sunday, March 11, 2007

I want to be loved for me... that INCLUDES my makeup and stylish clothes.

ho is to say the Natural "you" without makeup and nice clothes is the REAL you... I don't think this is so. This is just what you are born with, some people just aren't born LOOKING like who they themselves think they are. I think the way one chooses to dress and present themselves in general tells a little about their personality, In the aspect that that image is what they want others to preacive them as.

So those of you guys out there thinking its rare and a favor to happen to like girls without makeup and plain shitty look, well fine, but just think of this, those who do put on makeup doesn't mean they are fake, and that what you are looking at isn't the real them. girls put alot of effort into it, not JUST for impressing guys, but for some of us its just for personal standards and preferences. some of us just don't wanna look at the mirror and see some plain bitch looking back ok? the idea "oh i dont need all this makeup and stuff to love you, or be attracted to you just your personality and the natural you is great, i think its better when you dont wear makeup." yah, well if you truly liked the person for their personality NOTE that their makeup and style is part of it too dumbass! when one gets this line, its not really a compliment, its fucking insult. [for those who prefer to wear makeup everyday]

Part two: It's not new that i lost my bus pass and my umbrella on this very delicate weekend. Losing items don't only go back to when I started highschool but back to ever since I could remember, loosing jackets etc. And attending a school such as Strathcona or even Gladstone, the chances of getting things back are next to nothing. So slowly i try my best to do things so that they wont go missing, to the extent that i start attaching things on to my back chaining them to my bag etc, but even then, i lost my bus pass, -_-ll so then i put it in the big compartment of my school back yet... its soo difficult to find so every once in a while i put it on the outside, and sure enough anytime i let it slip it gets lost. I'm really sick of loosing things, but its not a matter of being more aware or going through more precautions, its just that things really do just disappear on me.

Something Slightly More Objective: Other than the stream of bad luck that happened this weekend it was over all pretty fun.

On friday i thought i was scheduled for work, but when i went there i found out i wasn't... humm.. ok, so i phoned my dad to tell him that i don't have work, but he was trying to clean his house so not having til 11 to do it was a bit of a problem so i tried my best to find some friends to do stuff with. Phoned them all but none of them seemed to be free. I even phoned shane to see what he was up to. He was snowboarding and he was going downtown with friends or something for food. I guess it would be weird to go, so he said sorry and that was it.

*sigh* phoning more people getting no answer, a little bit later, shane phoned me and asked "im going to eat dinner downtown, want to come?" "sure" "really?" "sure where are we going to eat? "this japanese resturant downtown, its kinda undergroud" "you mean on thurlow and robson? beside macdoanalds? " yea" "ok" "meet you there at 6:45" "ok"

He phoned me again and told me that he will be there at 6:30 but i told him, that i couldnt make it there til 45, and he said ok,. when i got downtown, it was 6:37 he phoned me again, and told me that he will go inside already. When i finally arrived i wasnt sure which one he ment, theres two down there. One Hiroyuki took me on a date before. But it was the other one :3

He told me "you're late~" "no you are early, and its only 6:39 so im acutally early for 5mins~ :P" "yea whatever im hungry" So we sat down and i just chatted apparently his date for his highschool grad dinner dance was sitting on the table 2 away from us LOL!! funny. She gave me a bit of a look but not didnt look too much. I asked him if he liked her. He explained that his friend kinda set them together, and that she is sorta his type in a sense that shes "pure" well in like.. what do u mean by pure he told me in a sense of no makeup and simple style. in my mind im like damn, just like every other guy out there sheessh. then he said OH~ i just noiticed you still have baby fat on ur face. =_=ll is that a bad thing? lol no~

we ordered alot of stuff thier house cali roll had REAL crab and it wasnt mushed up and with mayo it was real chunks it was great~~~ the dinner came to 54 dollars, and he took it and paid for it i was like 0_0 wow. lol afterards i walked him to the bus stop because had to go play b-bal with his friends, he told me that when we walk down the street most ppl will think im like his little sister. =_=;; after he left i was.. well im sorta stuck in a situation, where i dont know what to do to kill time. oh yea i forgot to mention that i saw howard and his gf. lol~ that was a nice surprize. [at the resturant]

i ended up sitting in the rain wiht an umbrella near burrad station phoning more people, derek finally picked up but hes playing b-ball to =_=ll but at least he kept me company for 30mins. i ended up wandering around downtown for a few hrs, in teh rain... i ventured into pacific center and into hold renfrew, and i wandered into 4seasons hotel, it was soo glamorous. i was soo happy, then i decided to find toshi's coffee house, but i found out from kai its on georgia and cordero? its really far i was like forget it. and i eventually went to the b-line and went home, but i forgot my umbrella and so i cirlced back but then it wasnt there. Sometime, i lost my bus pass.....

AND i overshot the bus stop and walked from kinged to 15th... =_=lll i finally made it home~ haha another one of those days of walking endlessly in stelletos~

A filled Sat:
I woke up late because i was soo tierd from my workout XD; but i managed to meet up with vicky lili and khea. but i forgot the money beucase i took some stuff out of my bag also this is when i realized that i lost my bus pass.. so i went back home to look for it and also grab khea's money. when i came back eric was there with the equipment taking photos and stuff, we took alot of photos :3 it was fun, then i went down to 711 to get a new buspass... but they didnt have any so i bought a 15 bunch of faresavers. anyway, when i was walking to granville 'from laurel' some guy came up to me.

"can you spare me a smoke?"
"im sorry i dont smoke"
"aww CMON! just one smoke will it kill ya?"
"i told you i dont smoke..."
"well do u do blowjobs?"
"what? NO"
"oh you look like you do"

that was soo insulting.!!! i made it to richmound by 8 and we went to espot, and we played pool. [met up with kenneth and friends. who is a friend of barry's friend's gf that i met last week] then he drove me around just chatting. i had a bit of a feeling he sorta likes me.
we eventaully ate at a taiwanese cafe with angel, lj, and amy and then we decided to head over to vip too bad most ppl left by the time we got there. but it was still fun i met this new guy. hes a korean model at6'2 he was pretty interesting. i drank sake mixed with apple juice, vodka mixed with coke, and i think it was 1 or maybe a bit over 1 carona, but i mixed in the middle cuz khea kept making me drink vodka. =_=ll so i ended off wiht a realy bad hangover. =_=lll

we decided to sleep over. kennieth and i slept on teh big couch, khea on the floor cuz hte small one was to small, and jimmy on the med size one.

kenneth left at 7, and he left his smokes n intal d card. khea left around 8 and jimmy kj and i helped cleaned up.

they were watching some shitty drama, i didnt wanna watch it was too ordinary and too close to real life, its about a broken family that struggles with money, well as i sed too close to life. SO i decided to leave, it was of course really rainy, and when i got to seymore, i saw the hastings bus.. i thought it'd loop over, but when i got on, i was no it wasnt.. eww.. east hastngs... i got off and got on teh first bus back to downtown. i got alot of comments by ppl on teh street -_-ll oh wells. anyway i made it home and i was tierd so i went to my moms early. and slept.

I cried today, just in realization, of 2 things, a i loose things, and no matter what i do i cant seem to prevent it. b, my makeup and clothes lately been a bit of a disadvantage also age as well. -_-ll but who cares, at least im at disadvantage stylishly. lets just pick it up and see how life turns out~ im happy to have my baby the stars shine bright jumper and metamorphose blouse :3 im not ready to grow up so bleh~ :P

and thinking of it positivly, the money i saved on food was prety good this weekend. fri dinner save 54/2, and sat, i didnt drink tea that means save 3.00, little snack at 11 kenneth paid so save 5.00, i slept through lunch.. 5.00, pizza at kjs save i dont know how much id say mayhbe 5.00 conservativly, sunday at at home save another 5.00 and couldnt find toshi's coffee house so save another 3.00, and since i was driven to kjs save 1.50