Thursday, November 8, 2007

November 8th~

Novemeber 8th of 2005 marked the end of my previous relationship and was one of the saddest days I've ever had and the beginning of a long emotional drive that wasn't going to soften until 1.5years buffered its effect.

November 8th of 2006 was an unexpectedly chaotic and nostalgic day where a ladder nearly collapsed and fell on me and i almost slipped on the wet floor as i mopped it at work. As well, i started crying for a reminent reason from the previous year.

November 8th of 2007 three days ago loneliness got the best of me, and i was still crying [would have never thought I'd be a crybaby after my childhood past because i rarely cried.. i didn't even cry when i flipped over a chain and hit my head the cement at full force] BUT today, in which the previous years had been "negative" started out predictable.. i lost my pencil case but lucky i got it back and though i felt happy, someone said i still looked sad 0_o. When i arrived home my parents said a big box came in today for me...

I opened the box excitedly well aware of what it was. Its my dollfie whom was scheduled to arrive on the 12th so this caught me right off guard. XD Today Marks the Day of his arrival into my life... the ironically perfect day to come while i was at my weakest. Thank you to the man upstairs~ You defiantly have a sense of humor as my mother would say.

I actually bought 2 wigs for him one black and one blond. Also the eye color was random and I'm happy to say i got a neat blueish grey color =D

I'm thinking of a name, So far I think I'll name him Shuuya but I'll think just a little further and figure it out for sure when i have some more time.[Im open to suggestions] Just one picture for now since i really have to get going on my Document Analysis. X3 Soo happy ill have someone to keep me company while i do my studies <3 <3

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