Friday, November 30, 2007

Energy Outburst bandshow

The show was great~ Incura amazing and yea had a good time as usaul. I had a really nice outfit on but i forgot to take a picture T__T. Afterwards we went to #9 resturant and celebrated Tomo's b-day. I knew i should be going home soon after because i have work the next day at 8:30 but i still wanted to hang with everyone so we all went to tomos house. I was the only one who rode in Shu's car and yes... we got lost XD hahaha Tomo, Shu, Saya, Hideki, Harry i must give a shout out to all of you for CRAPPY sense of direction! ahhaa but i love ya all anyway.

While waiting for lemon to come back a random "what color are your panties" started by Ann. My refusal to say it made everyone curious and that was the topic for most of the night =_=;

Tomo was supposed to wake me up in time to get to work but instead the phone woke me up at 8:15!~!!!~~~~ 0_0 and i had to be there at 8:15 to get changed 0_ollll so we quickly left and i made an excuse that im at a friends in coq. and its snowing thus i couldnt get there on time XDD

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